Photos Of The Week!

You haven’t lived until you’ve watched submarine racing.

It’s tough to follow, and you need to use all five senses (possibly a sixth and seventh if you are a werewolf, vampire, or anything else that is cool with teenage TV viewers these days…), but it can be highly rewarding.

It’s just tough when one sub fault-starts, and they have to go back and begin all over again…


So, I’m not the most religious guy in the world.

In fact, I’d prefer to have as little to do with religion as possible, but I believe religion, money, and politics are the “big three” things you’re not supposed to talk about in public (even though we talk about money and politics on this blog all the time…), so I’ll leave religion out of this.

However, isn’t this a bit creepy?

I mean, I understand the concept of a cross hanging from your neck, or over your door, but a crown of thorns?!?!?!

And even if you ARE that religious, maybe remove it for showings of your $800,000 home?



Bell or Rogers?


Staging is so simple, right?

Forget about de-cluttering your home, removing all the furniture, renting modern furniture that looks good and is to scale with the room, painting, changing light fixtures, updating appliances, etc.

Just go with the standard three bottles of water on the kitchen counter, and you’re set!

But isn’t it supposed to be San Pellegrino?

What the heck is this?


77 Lombard Street is a great building, no doubt.

I have two clients here, and both are very happy.

But this building is known for having the darkest, creepiest hallways of any condo in Toronto.

The ceilings are 6’6″, which doesn’t help the “I’m walking through a modern cave” feeling…


If you’re looking for some refill paper for your 1986 dot-matrix printer, I found some!!!

How old do you think the house was that still had a box of this stuff in the basement?

It was like going into a time capsule.  If 30-year-old computer paper was sitting prominently on the desk in the basement, just imagine what else I saw…


She’s a ‘beaut, aint she?

Go figure – this was four feet from the computer paper.  I got a sweet workout while my clients checked out the upstairs…


Not meaning to hammer on old folks today, but I found this “warning” to be equal parts funny, sad, and somewhat helpful:


And last but not least, I find two things VERY wrong with this notice in the elevator of my condo:

1) They actually present an option for the reader – “to toss, or not.”

2) They act as if you can cure “assholeitis,” which many condo-dwellers in Toronto suffer from, whereby you simply toss your cigarette butt off your balcony, as you’ve always done, as you always will do, forever, and ever, amen.

I want to meet the person that said, “Huh, I never thought tossing my cigarette butt of the balcony was bad, but now that I see this notice, I’m going to stop doing it.”

This goes on in every condo, everywhere, and it will never stop.  This is a waste of paper, in my opinion…


Happy Monday, Folks!


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  1. AndrewB says:

    When I was looking for my place, I saw one house that was overtly religious to the point of making me uncomfortable. Crosses all over the house. In the living room, there’s were 2 couches and where you’d expect a TV, was a 4 foot pedestal with a massive Bible on top which was open. The house screamed church to me.

    Aren’t houses supposed to be staged in a neutral way so new owners could envision their lives there? Such is why you take down personal pictures, etc? This house felt way too personal. On the note if personal tastes and inappropriate staging, I once went into a house in Vaughan that had crown moulding with grapes and vines embossed into the moulding, and Venetian plaster on the walls. Yikes.

    1. Geoff says:

      @ AndrewB – aren’t all houses in Vaughan that way?

    2. jeff316 says:

      Italian house – Catholic paraphernalia upstairs, kitchen downstairs.
      Filipino house – Catholic paraphernalia downstairs, kitchen upstairs.

  2. Frances says:

    I have a dot matrix printer. Works very well for straight text and is cheaper to run. I’d beg for that paper except I already have enough paper to last several lifetimes.

  3. ScottyP says:

    Human beings are equal parts thoughtless and lazy — as long as they think no one is watching.

    For evidence, look no further than the “cigarette butts off the balcony” epidemic….

    1. moonbeam! says:

      Look no further than dog owners who don’t pick up… whenever no one is looking….

  4. m says:

    I’ve never understood the reason for the bottles of water in staging photos. But if I did, I’d definitely go for Gerolsteiner. My ex used to buy it by the case from the only store he knew that stocked it. It has smaller bubbles than regular mineral water, resulting in a much different mouth feel. Strange, but true.

    1. Schmidtz says:

      Ve hov ze wonderful vater in my country. Ze name is Scheissevasseplus. It is ze same as ze Italian Pellgrinz, but zey add se essence of the oshteinflakkaschtink.

      A leeetle steenky!

    2. @ m

      You lost me at “mouth feel”….

  5. Qaf says:

    Once a falling cigarette butt almost lands on your head it really changes your view about tossing your own butts off the balcony. Not only is it unpleasant from a health/environment/smell/etc perspective BUT YOU ALMOST BURNED MY HAIR.

  6. Potato says:

    Looks more like barbed wire than thorns, are you sure they don’t have a goat pen on the property somewhere that might need the fence line patched up?