Photos Of The Week!


This edition of Photos of the Week might scare you.

You just never know what, or who, is lurking down in your parking garage.

Or maybe it’s just where I live…



Talk about “best intentions”…

In my building on George Street, there was a problem with visitors finding their way into residents’ parking, so the property manager decided we needed to paint “RESIDENT PARKING” above the second garage door.

The problem is – somebody dead a really crappy job!

The paint dripped down, and it looks creepy!  Like the residents are going to be murdered or something:


Doesn’t that resemble the classic “bloody font” like this:


Maybe the garage in my building is just a scary place!

I mean, check out the sign below.

I know it’s intended to be helpful, but what the hell are they insinuating with “Check your back seat”?


Back Seat2

I am NOT a qualified home inspector.

However, I don’t think it takes an expert to determine that this is NOT to code.

Innovative, perhaps.

But a downspout strapped to a tree?  Hmm….


Is there a condominium lawyer among us, today?

Can anybody tell me whether or not it’s legal to store a car and four motorcycles in a parking space?

Every condominium has a slightly different “Declaration,” and each comes with various rules and regulations.  Some condominiums specify that only ONE vehicle is permitted in each parking spot.

But here we see the exception to the rule…


I’ll let Jay-Z describe the terrace at this condo in the Thompson Residences…

“We be.. big pimpin, spendin cheese
We be.. big pimpin, on B.L.A.D.’s
We be.. big pimpin down in P.A.T.
It’s just that Jigga Man, Pimp C, and B-U-N B “


Do you ever get tired of my photos of lockboxes?

See that lockbox in the top right corner with the red arrow?  That’s my lockbox for my listing at 363 Sorauren Avenue – the Robert Watson Lofts.

There are twenty-eight other lockboxes here.

Do you know how many other properties are for sale?


Real estate agents LOVE leaving lockboxes all over the city, and yet, you’d be surprised how often I hear somebody in my office say, “Does anybody have a lockbox I can borrow for a couple of weeks?”


Last but not least, and perhaps off topic, but can anybody tell me why some snotty restaurants are allowed exclusive use of city streets for valet parking?

See below – I don’t understand.

Here’s Coppi Ristorante up at Yonge & St. Germain, and whereas every other storefront has paid street parking in front, Coppi has about thirty feet of space for their valets to accept keys and cars.

Why does the City of Toronto allow this?

How much do these restaurants pay the city?



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  1. Tim says:

    Permissibility of parking multiple vehicles in one parking space would depend on the declaration/rules for the particular building. In the absence of a provision restricting parking spaces to one vehicle (or fewer than four vehicles) per, it would be tough to argue against the use above (provided that the bikes don’t create a safety hazard, encroach onto another space etc.).

    1. @ Tim

      I recognize your email! You’re a lawyer!! 🙂

      Can you give us the legal on this?

      Why can Coppi do this, but the flower shop next door or the bank up the street can’t? Or can they?

      Can I valet park cars on George Street outside my condo if I pay the city?

      1. Tim says:

        Outside my practice area, and none of this is legal advice (etc., etc.), but I believe that issues like this are dealt with on a site-specific basis by city council via zoning by-laws. The terms of use of the reserved zone would depend on (among other things) the terms of the enabling by-law and whatever deal the adjacent property owner had made with the city.

        That specific no-parking area appears to have been created by City of Toronto By-law No. 254-2001, which looks like a site-specific by-law that was passed solely for that purpose.

        I would imagine that you could do many things on George Street outside your condo if you paid the city enough.

  2. nate says:

    Your ward councillor would probably be able to tell you more about the valet parking arrangement in front of Coppi (whether it’s legit or not). A while back there was a kerfuffle about a city-owned layby on Bay Street that was used by Pusateri’s as a valet area.

    As part of the street redevelopment the lay-by was going to be removed; Pusateri’s challenged this in court and it was ruled that the area was the city’s to do with as it wanted.

  3. JC says:

    My favorites are those like 50 Lynn Williams, 110 Charles and others. where there are dozens of lockboxes, most with nothing denoting brokerage, salesperson, or heaven forbid, a unit number on them to distinguish themselves from the others. Like I’m going to stand outside 50 Lynn Williams and their stripper poles in cold weather figuring it out?

  4. moonbeam! says:

    Is someone intimidated by the bikers?

  5. oren says:

    Can’t you just go and snip off all the other lockbox’s? Makes finding yours a lot easier 🙂