This Condo Just “Fits”

Maybe I’m the only naive Torontonian who thinks that every vacant parking lot doesn’t need an 80-storey condo in its place, but personally, I love to see a well-developed condominium, that looks like it belongs in the area, and just sort of “fits.”

The Berczy might be a strange name to try and spell without cheating, but it’s possibly my favourite new condo in the downtown core.

As you’ll see in the video, it just “fits” with the area that surrounds it, and if you walked by it with your head down, you might not even notice it’s there…

How ironic that I my memory card ran full when I was one-word, and about 1/4 of a second from finishing the video.

Anyways, you got the point…

The next time you’re down on Front Street, heading west from Jarvis, look to the southwest corner where The Berczy stands.

Doesn’t it just sort of “fit” with the buildings on both sides?

It’s a massive red brick structure, that has the Flat Iron building to the north, a 100-year-old red-brick building to the east, and a row of old brick buildings to the west.

It almost looks like the red brick base was existing, and the rest of the condominium was built on top (like many hard & soft loft combos).

I understand that not every development is going to be 13-storeys, and developers will eventually crack the 100-storey barrier, but as a long-standing resident of the St. Lawrence Market area, it’s nice to see a new development that doesn’t dwarf everything in its presence like oh-so-many other neighbourhoods…


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  1. mstar says:

    I argee the building looks great and fits. But what’s the point when the prices are just ridiculious!
    A 2 bedroom for north of 700k that is under 999 sq ft ? Just stupid and don’t think the fit is relevant when it’s priced out of the market.

  2. Longtimereader says:

    Here is a great article on city of Toronto projects that never got off the ground. Very interesting in terms of what fits, and how the downtown looks today.!/gta/the-five-greatest-ideas-toronto-never-built/77a68ef9366ded88046fd514ea379617

  3. DavidP says:

    Have you recently had a black fly in your Chardonnay? Or rain on your wedding day? Or a free ride but you’ve already paid?

    Morissettian irony.

    1. ScottyP says:


  4. ScottyP says:

    “We need more buildings like….”