“Dear David: What Happened To Your Thursday Blog?”

I certainly hope by now that every single one of you knows about my “Pick5” feature that is published every Thursday.  It’s essentially my own 22-minute real estate TV show, except I don’t have to adhere to any watered-down format for television viewers, or have a writer or director tell me what to do.

Having said that, at least one reader out there isn’t aware of Pick5, and isn’t happy that I have seemingly “cut back” on my level of productivity.

Give a person a computer, and anonymity, and it’s amazing what comes out of their mouth…


I welcome, and encourage, emails from my blog readers.

I’m fully aware that about 99.99% of the people who read TRB will never do business with me, but it’s a numbers game.  I get over 2,000,000 hits per year on this site, and I certainly can’t work with everybody who comes on here.

I do my best to answer every single email that comes my way, even those that are somewhat counter-productive.

Case-in-point – the weekly emails I get from people who have their properties listed with other Realtors but want to know what I think about their pricing or marketing, or those who are working with other buyer agents but want my opinion on a house or condo they’re considering, or a feeling of what a house will sell for in multiple offers.

I answer all those emails, because I just don’t know how to say “no.”

I’m not going to pretend like I have TRB because I’m a Good Samaritan, and that it’s not a forum to attract business, because I am in business to sell real estate.

But man, oh man, this email from Monday shocked the hell out of me:



Dear David:

What happened to your Thursday blog? 

I’ve been reading you for years now, and I got used to your pattern of posting four times per week, usually on Mon/Tues, taking Wednesday off, and then coming back on Thurs/Fri. 

I noticed that you’re down to only Mon/Wed/Fri, and I’m wondering if this is just for the summer, or if this is intended to be permanent?

I think this is a bad move on your part, and it’s lazy.  I suppose now you’re going to neglect your core base of readers, and provide a half-pint to those thirsty readers who need their real estate fix.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.  Shame on you.

I’m probably finished following your blog.  I just haven’t fully decided yet.




As I said at the onset: I reply to every email I receive, and this email is no different.

However, rather than reply to “J” personally, I figured I’d reply to him or her on TRB, just because “J” is that special and deserving…



Dear J, aka “Person I have never met, never spoken to, never done any business with in ten years”

Thank you for emailing me to say that while you read my blogs, for free, every single day, while enjoying them, and that you have done so for years, you feel I am being “lazy.”

I apologize for “cutting back” to only what amounts to 10-12 hours per week of blogging, from about 13-14, in addition to another 20 hours each and every week for upkeep.  I clearly should have consulted you first, even though I didn’t know you existed until Monday.

However, I’d like you to consider that I replaced my Thursday blog with a new feature called “Pick5,” which takes myself and my assistant about 12-15 hours to film, edit, and produce, each and every week.

Yes, I replaced one blog, of 1,600 words, with one video, of 22-minutes.  And I actually increased TRB’s output significantly.

Oh, how could you have missed such a crucial point.  Shame on you.

I’m probably going to die of a broken heart after reading your email.  I just haven’t fully decided yet.




I was under the naive impression that this blog spoke for itself, but just in case it doesn’t: I post new content on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and I produce a video for subscribers (you have to subscribe so I can get around TREB and CREA’s antiquated rules…) every Thursday afternoon, which is emailed directly do you.

I produce more original content than any licensed Realtor in Canada, and I have the best readers and commenters, who post the most informed, educated, and intelligent comments of any real estate website out there.  TRB’s content is truly a collaboration between myself and other real estate enthusiasts.

I apologize if the change in content has upset anybody.

Except for “J.”

If you have no idea what “Pick5” is, then I encourage you to click the link at the top of the page, sign up, and watch the Thursday videos.

Every Thursday, I pick five active MLS listings to review, and I go through the listings with a screen capture so can see what I’m looking at, as well as what I’m doing and saying.

Sometimes the theme is geographic, like reviewing five properties in Cabbagetown, Don Mills, etc.

Sometimes the theme is a common thread, like hard loft condos, houses across from parks, etc.

But I can promise that in addition to learning something about real estate, you will also be entertained!  We always have a sub-theme (two weeks ago was 1980’s music, and this week’s is sharks…), and I like to think the videos are fun, and often nostalgic if you’re from my generation.  If you have memorized every episode of Seinfeld, then you’ll get all my one-liners that I mutter to myself under my breath…

Give it a try, and I welcome your feedback.

Except for “J.”

See you Friday!



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  1. Bilal says:

    I really like your books especially Saturday boy I feel sad and happy for him because his dad saved the president

  2. AndrewB says:

    Rude ass people. It’s not like you’re getting paid for this blog or readers are paying. I’m always grateful David for your blog entries, your opinions and insight, and the thoughtful discussion in the comments.


  3. joel says:

    J, is missing out on your Pick5 as I just watched today’s and it was as entertaining as ever. I think you said before you were worried about one of the boards not liking it, but I think a comments section in the Pick 5 would be great.
    If you are ever looking for an idea, I would like to see the 5 properties that you would buy in Toronto at 5 different price points.

  4. moonbeam! says:

    Hi David — I love your blog and all the comments, and I love the Pick5! Free is good; educating & entertaining me: bonus! keep it up! (except you’re excused when you go on your holidays!)

  5. Boris says:

    So you spend 13-14 hours per week on the posts, 20 for upkeep (?!) and then 12-15 hours for the videos? So you spend 45 to 49 hours per week on the blog, assuming one day off a week that’s 7.5 hours a day. When do you work? Come on man, these numbers don;t make sense.

    1. @ Boris

      The hours cited were for the total upkeep of the blog by my whole team. I have a full-time admin who is great at editing the videos and monitoring the site, and guy who we’ll call my “blog dude” who does upkeep.

      But in case you’re wondering (although does it matter??) I work about 70 hours per week, more in peak periods, and I usually do work seven days per week from March to June and September to November.

      1. Boris says:

        gotcha, keep it up!

  6. A Grant says:

    Of course, “J” has a right to read your blog on Thursdays. After all, he/she pays a monthly subscribtion fee for new content four days a week.

    Wait – you don’t pay? This blog is free? Then maybe “J” should just shut up then.

  7. ScottyP says:

    The problem is that, in this day and age, the cloak of anonymity makes people feel that they have carte blance to act like complete dickwads.

    All “J” would’ve had to do is say something to the effect of: “Hi David, I’m an avid reader of your blog, and am wondering what happened to your Thursday posts. I really enjoy reading your stuff, so I hope to see your Thursday material return soon! Keep up the good work, J”….then David would’ve responded about how Pick5 now comprises his Thursday material.

    But no, “J” couldn’t resist the urge to be a dick. (Female, male… it doesn’t matter. The designation applies.)

    The Internet is interesting in that so much of what’s good and bad about humanity comes to the forefront. It’s where we see people’s true colours. Hopefully, this blog can remain a place where we continue to see more of the good than the bad. One can only hope.

  8. Chroscklh says:

    I am agreeing with the J, shame be upon you and mighty have fallen from on high. I notice very little activity at night or when you are closing on house. In my country, we dont sleep at night -we work – yes, life expectancy is 32 but that is like 48 if u consider not sleeping like extra half day

    1. Kyle says:

      David, shame on you for not having a Like button for Chroscklh’s comments

    2. Joe Q. says:

      In America, you live inside house. In Soviet Russia, house live inside you!

  9. Geoff says:

    J, you are a muppet. Here’s a concept: Vote with your feet next time.

  10. Graham says:

    J, what a Muppet! GTFO gg

  11. Amelia Haynes says:

    Wow … just wow. Heads-up. J could very well be a stalker who you HAVE met before. The personal nature of the letter, the entitlement … this person could be in a fantasy world that they are in a relationship with you. Be careful my friend.