Happy Holidays!

It’s that time of year again, when I feel equal amounts of sorrow and relief as I sign off from Toronto Realty Blog until January.

But I’m excited to open a new feature when we come back in 2015: the forum.  A new spin on an old idea, which will give readers a chance to create their own topics in this wild world of real estate in Toronto.

I want to thank my regular blog commenters from 2014: Appraiser, Kyle, Mike, Boris, Joe Q., Potato, Amelia Haynes, Lui, Libertarian,  AndrewB, Paully, Geoff, George, Ed, Jeremy, AGrant, David P, ScottyP, Gypsy, ABB, Clifford, Oren, Jonathan, Myeo, IanC, Jeff316, Huuk, DarrenB, JC, Steve, Johnny Chase, Joel, Alex, Jackie, Gareth, Frances, Long Time Realtor, Rob Fjord, Fro Jo, JG, and anybody else I may have missed while trolling through the last four months of comments at midnight.

Blog reader of the year has to go to Chroscklh, hands down, simply for the entertainment he provides us with on a daily basis.  Sorry, Moonbeam; you may be my mother, and I know you’ll always love me, but Chroscklh has you beat.

Have a great holiday, everybody!



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  1. Frances says:

    Yes, Chroscklh has a way with English and I enjoy reading his comments.
    Happy New Year, David!

  2. JG says:

    Happy Holidays to all! Looking forward to what the new year will bring!

  3. moonbeam! says:

    Yes I love your blog — and best of all: your Friday Pick 5 videoblog!!
    Best wishes for the season & a happy 2015!

  4. Boris says:

    I HATE Appraiser.

    1. Appraiser says:

      Time to let go of the hate Boris. I hope your rent cheque doesn’t bounce (again).

  5. Kyle says:

    Thanks David and all the commenters for all the great reading. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone.

  6. Joe Q. says:

    Top o’ the season to you David. A forum would be an interesting idea. Be sure to think it through very carefully before going ahead with it.

    1. David Fleming says:

      @ Joe Q.

      Trust me – we went through disaster planning when hatching the idea for the forum.

      I’ll have somebody checking it over 20-30 times per day to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

      There will undoubtedly be growing pains, but I think in the long term, the regular readers of this blog are so savvy that some really dialogue could take place.

  7. Country Chick says:

    While I never comment, I always read the blog in the mornings.

    Thanks for the great blog!

  8. jeff316 says:

    Thanks for a great blog and to all the commenters for interesting discussion

  9. A Grant says:

    Chroscklh set the standard for the year, that’s for sure

  10. Clifford says:

    A forum is an excellent idea.