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One of my clients emailed me last week and said, “Unreal blogs this week!  Each one made me stay up at night thinking about the market, economy, rates etc.  And I kept coming back to see what others had commented!”

One of my closest friends told me on the weekend, “Your blog was like, way too serious this week.  Sometimes I want your blog to be my escape from work and stress, not the cause of it.”

Well, it’s with the latter in mind that I got back to the well, and show you some of the wacky things I see during the course of my days working in real estate…


I’m all for “do it yourself” when it’s done correctly.

I think that with all the instructional videos on YouTube, the courses at Home Depot, and the work ethic of many home owners today, there’s a lot of renovations that can be done while saving money on contractors.

Take this exterior, load-bearing wall made of stone, for example.

With a bit of experience, you should be able to tuck-point on your own….


……..oh, wait.

This isn’t a tuck-pointing job.

That wasn’t a photo of an exterior, load bearing wall made of stone.

It was a close-up of one of the ugliest living room walls I have seen in a long time:


I’m all for staging as well!

And who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe enough to put her face on a pillow:


I mean, if Marilyn is the silver medal, then Audrey Hepburn has to be the gold.

This photo-pillow of Audrey was a bit odd, given they already had the Marilyn pillow:


But at least they didn’t get carried away with the theme!

I mean, it’s not like they took it too far.

Not like they went to a whole other level, the likes of which there’s just no turning back from…



Then again, I’d probably rather see a house with a gigantic mural of Marilyn Monroe on the wall, then a cheap condo that tries to look expensive because it has PLATES MADE OF GOLD!


All these weird photos are making me need a drink.

I’m no alcoholic or anything, but I could really use a glass of wine.

Fresh wine.

Like from freshly-squeezed grapes, right here, in this person’s backyard…


Yes, that is a wine-crusher, and it was in somebody’s garage.

And no, they weren’t just showing it off like an antique they picked up at a flea market and thought they’d proudly display.

They made good use of it……trust me:


Speaking of getting drunk in order to wipe away the memories of really, really bad features of homes…..

…….is this the worst sink you’ve ever seen in your life?


So bad, that even throwing rocks into the sink won’t make it prettier.

No, seriously.

“Staging Rocks” are so hot these days:


And last but certainly not least, I’ve heard some people say that “A Realtor’s job is easy, and there’s so many things they do that the average person can do.”

Not always true.

However, you don’t need a Realtor to tell you that there’s a wee bit of mold in this house:



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  1. Frances says:

    I think that the Monroe mural is well done and there is nothing wrong with the pillows; if the mural isn’t to your taste, you can paint over it. And the sign is clever.

  2. Appraiser says:

    On a more serious note, it appears that bond yields and fixed mortgage rates are falling in lock-step with oil.

    West Texas Intermediate (WTI) broke below $45 USD/bbl. this morning, while the Cdn 5 yr bond just hit a new 52-week low of 1.15.

    All of the major banks have now lowered their somewhat fictional posted rates by and several mortgage brokers are offering 5-year fixed mortgages under 2.7%!

    Buyers and mortgage renewers can rejoice.

  3. Kyle says:

    If you stare at the mold long enough, you start to see a mural of a bucolic landscape with a country road winding over rolling hills.

    1. Chroscklh says:

      i see this road too

      1. Appraiser says:

        I can’t decide which is more offensive, the mold or the paint colour.

  4. Paully says:

    Is it safe to assume that the house in the last picture had multiple offers too?

  5. Joe Q. says:

    The movie-star pillows are a nice touch. Nothing like curling up in bed, putting your head down on the pillow and drooling on Marilyn Monroe all night.

    As for the wine — it’s par for the course around my (heavily southern European) neighbourhood. A guy on my street makes wine in his garage — in which he also keeps small animals which he raises for food.

  6. Marina says:

    The staging rocks in the white sink threw me off – I thought for sure a dog crapped in there after eating blueberries…