Photos Of The Week!


I should really start calling this “Photos Of The Month,” since I haven’t penned this feature in 29 days, and it would basically turn this blog into Instagram if it were done every week…

But some of these photos are simply too priceless not to share.

This week, I’m going to save my favourite for last, but that doesn’t mean the other photos are any less ridiculous, surprising, laughable, and/or petty & cheap.  The latter seems to be the theme this week, as you’ll note once you move through the photos…


Staging is essential in almost every house that goes up for sale in Toronto these days, but if it’s not done correctly, it can often have the opposite effect.

If you took an empty basement, and put in a couch, chair, rug, and TV, you might add some life to the space:


But today’s buyers are going to investigate everything!

Leave no stone unturned.

And when they see bad staging, they might think the house is pathetic as a result, and apply a lower valuation to it.

No buyer likes to be fooled…


If you were tasked with designing the ugliest light in the world, and you were given years and years to come up with the design, do you think you could come up with anything worse than this:


Attention, Realtors: do not bring your clients into this room!

They’re probably going to ask, “Ummmmm….what the HELL is with all those lockboxes?”  To which you will probably have to explain to them why 108 lockboxes (yes, I counted…) are present in a condominium, and what that means.

It’s either really good, or really bad.  Depends on the buyer, I suppose…


Attention, Realtors: this does not help justify your fee for service!

All these years, I’ve been buying those red and white “Please Remove Shoes” signs from TREB for like $20, and most of the time, I leave them behind in my listings.  All the while, I could have been saving money by simply finding a random piece of paper, whipping out my Sharpie, and taping it to the wall.

I wonder if they print the offers on paper, or if that’s just a ridiculous question…


Attention, Realtors: this looks really, really petty.

Feature sheets cost $1.40 to print at my brokerage; maybe more at yours, maybe less.

But this is really, really, really cheap.  It’s borderline pathetic.


I suppose we could continue the theme here with “Attention, Realtors, please ensure your sellers do not show and flaunt how rich they are….”

What this photo doesn’t show, however, is that this wasn’t just a shelf; it was an entire bedroom, turned into a room for purses and shoes!

I counted thirty-nine purses, and they were all brand names.  Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Bvlgari, Kate Spade…





Staging cats, maybe?  I’m not sure…


And last but not least, one of my all time favourites!

My wife watches that show called “Millionaire Matchmaker,” which I find is just a massive insult to mankind…

But seeing this photo below makes me want to play matchmaker myself!

Brandon, meet…….the guy who lives below you.

Guy who lives below Brandon…….did you not SEE Brandon’s message when you pinned yours on top of it!?!?



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  1. Harri says:

    That light is from Morba, maybe not the right style for this room but you can’t say it’s ugliest just because it might not be the right pick for this unit.

  2. geoff says:

    Well over at garth’s blog its also open season on reason, accountability and logic

    1. ScottyP says:

      ^ This.

  3. steve says:

    Meanwhile, over at Garth’s GreaterFool blog, it’s open season on realtors …..ha!

  4. Geoff says:

    Hi David, can you post a comment on this news article?

    It seems to me to be a step backwards in terms of your quest for transparency and legitimacy in real estate transactions to block public access to sale prices, but wondering what your take on it is, particularly since you often cite Bosley as a good broker for honesty and transparency so I’m thinking it’s here that the rubber will hit the road so to speak.

    1. Ed says:

      Love to hear your comments David.

  5. Chroscklh says:

    This the funny. I hope tv room (look like basement?) have outlet somewhere or is mislead – not just bad stage. Worst I ever see – back home, advertise bombshelter in backyard – is good selling feature my village – I go backyard, open door in ground – see dirt. No shelter, just dirt with sign it say “plenty room build bombshelter” – yeah thank. Plenty room build tank too, not help when no tank parts.

  6. AndrewB says:

    The TV is pretty funny. Worst I’ve ever seen? Living room walls completely done in Venetian plaster with grape Vines embossed into the plaster.