Happy Easter!

Well folks, when your own wife tells you, “Tomorrow is a statutory holiday and the rest of the world is taking the day off,” you have no choice but to simply close the laptop, and sit down to watch the next episode of Better Call Saul…

The market is going to EXPLODE next week after we get through the Easter/Passover long weekend, and we’ve already completed all the various schools’ March Break’s.

April, May, and June are going to break records, folks.  Stay tuned.  And see you Monday!



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  1. paul says:

    Pick the perfect time to jump into the industry 🙂 i refuse to let another summer pass without me

  2. Wut says:

    “April, May, and June are going to break records, folks.”

    It’s looking that way, isn’t it. And if Poloz drops rates again look out. Calgary’s loss is GTA’s gain. Happy Easter.