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This has slowly become one of my favourite features on Toronto Realty Blog.

“Photos of the Week,” an ironic title given I feature it once a month, is funny and all, but what we see on MLS on a regular basis is even better.  It’s pathetic, since much of what we see on MLS is supposedly the work of a “professional,” but it’s also incredulous at times.

And what’s more is that I now have fellow Realtors sending me listings which they feel should be featured in here!

Whoever said that Realtors don’t cooperate?  Look at all we’ve accomplished here!


1) A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

A lot of MLS listings are for vacant land, dilapidated buildings, or for properties that you know with 100% certainty will be sold as “builder’s lots.”

Many of these sellers take the initiative to draw a new survey, complete architectural drawings, or even obtain building permits.

Here’s an MLS listing that states, “Full set of drawings are available.”


Only when you click on the photos, this is the “drawing” that accompanies the listing:


Ah well, it takes all kinds.

And it could be worse, I suppose.

I have a listing coming out in the west end that looks like this:

Child's Drawing


2) Drive-By Photo?

There isn’t much you can say about the awful photos that accompany this listing for a unit at DNA.

The photos are all from the outside of the building, no interior shots, and they’re angled, and slanted.

Did the photographer even get out of the car as it was moving?

Or did the listing agent hire somebody from Drive-By Photography Ltd.?



3) Wait…..Which House Is it?

Um, I guess it’s the one with the giant red outline…


Yes, really.

That’s the MLS photo for a property listed for sale on MLS.

It was created in “Paint” by a 3-year-old…

4) You are NOT Alone!

I was looking at photos for this cool, funky, west-end loft, and I couldn’t help but notice something odd in this photo:


Yeah, I know eh!

What a weird chair

But seriously, what’s with the presence of non-humans in homes these days?

Are we that lonely?  Did the guy who owns that west-end loft feel like he had “company” while working at his desk?  Was he trying to recreate his childhood, with a strict private school teacher who “hovered over him” while he worked?

Again, as is the them today, it could always be worse.

Check out “Jeeves” in the corner of the living room:


It’s kind of ironic, in a way.

The fake person is watching imaginary people have dinner:



5) Carry The One, And Divide By Pi….

How hard is it to size photos?

Seriously, folks.

This is what a photo looks like on the MLS browser:


And every once in a while, we see an MLS listing where the photos were sized incorrectly.

Like this:


Even more amazing than the administrator who uploaded these photos, is the listing agent who saw this, and did NOTHING about it!


6) Take…….THAT!

How is this for a massive slap in the face.

This is a listing for a condo townhouse, where rather than talking about how great the condo, complex, and neighbourhood are, they end up making the buyer feel like crap for not having enough money to buy a freehold home:



7) Less is More?

Last but not least, this MLS “write-up” needs absolutely, positively, no explanation:

Blank Description

Wait, just in case you’re one of those people who watched the last episode of The Sopranos and thought your TV stopped working properly, instead of realizing that the series just ended with a fade to black – let me explain.

This listing was put up with no room measurements, no room descriptions, no client remarks, no extras, and no brokerage remarks.

Pathetic, right?

I wonder what TrashCat thinks…



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  1. Wertt says:

    I like that red house – a fully detached in the west end on a big lot with mature trees? Sounds like Bully material.

  2. m m says:

    To be fair, you’ll be getting a few appointment requests to see the red house you are selling.

    Also, under 4) those stairs look awfully steep and shallow!

    1. Ical says:

      Good thing. Every year the MLS has grown and taken strides with fans. This is a suscecs that takes time, and Garber seems to be in it for the good of the league. It’s not in its interest to let go the developer of the league while it’s in a good transition, meaning expansion teams and greater exposure from international friendlies.We’ll see what happens after the 2014 World Cup and where the league is at that moment. If nothing has changed then maybe a new commissioner is needed, but for the moment I think he’s done a good job.

  3. Chroscklh says:

    David, this post excellent man. I read comment fake person watch imaginary person eat and i laugh so loud, my rottweiler wake up and bite other rottweiler – haha, is bleeding quite bad, lol! If Chroscklh may opine, statue is moviefilm star Humpy Bogart maybe? (Not butler?) It great if David link picture to realtor site but I think no can do this. Finally – is red line around house actually chalk outline by cops cuz this house so tired it look dead? Please be to lol at zinger. I must go to vet now

  4. Paully says:

    I like the little red house. It is sunny all the time there!

  5. A Grant says:

    Given the floors of most older homes aren’t level, it’s refreshing to see rooms that are flat.