Yes…….I’m In Idaho.

The town of Victor, Idaho, to be exact.  Population: 1,840.

I say “Idaho” and people respond “why,” or quite often, “whaaaaat?”

It happens every time I tell people where my wife and I vacation each summer, but I actually think I’d prefer for this paradise to be a well-kept secret.  I could just really do without all the lame potato jokes…

I’ll be back on Wednesday with something new and different, but for now, I need to watch the sunset over the Teton mountains…




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  1. Marie says:

    Idaho is a beautiful place.

    Interesting: I know of two other realtors who are away on vacation this week. Is early August a slow period for real estate sales? Just wondering.

  2. moonbeam! says:

    The wide-open spaces & western flavour of Idaho and Wyoming — wonderful!

  3. Joe Q. says:

    Enjoy your vacation. I always get a chuckle out of the “Teton Mountains”. It’s clear what the French explorers had on their minds when they first saw them.