“Beehive Basin” in Big Sky, Montana

Okay, here’s something different!

As I said in the following video, rather than give you a real estate “Top-Ten” list on this fine Wednesday morning, why not give you a piece of scenery that exemplifies the phrase, “….a picture paints a thousand words.”

I’m in Montana, and after hiking up to Beehive Basin and seeing what’s there, I thought to myself, “This is something I absolutely, have to share.”


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  1. Frances says:

    Nice camera work, very smooth!

  2. hoob says:

    I see no bees.

    1. condodweller says:

      zoom in at 0:37….

  3. Boris says:

    Nice place for a Freed tower. I was thinking 75 stories or so.

  4. moonbeam! says:

    Wow, what a beautiful scenic area! and I love that wide-open brilliant blue sky! yes, a real change from urban density, frantic pace, & crowds here in the GTA! Enjoy the rest of your week, David!