Are ALL Former Toronto Nightclubs Now Condos?

Before you watch the video, take this quick challenge.

Name as many nightclubs as you can that were at the corner of Richmond & Peter, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Can you think of any?

Or try this – if you know where Picasso and Tableau Condos are being built, can you remember what nightclubs used to be on those lots?

This should be fun…

Anybody over 35-years-old was telling me to quit talking about my age while they watched and listened to that video.

I’m saying, “I remember when all these condos were just nightclubs!”

But the next generation behind me is saying, “I remember when all those condos, on former nightclub sites, were just parking lots!”

Well, every city changes over time, and every person will see a piece of that change in their lifetime.

Our grandparents can tell us that they remember when North Toronto was nothing but empty fields.

And we’re left to tell stories about puking up shots of Jack Daniels mixed with Southern Comfort at the corner of Peter & Richmond in 1999, back what that was not only acceptable, but expected!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before prime downtown land went from a $15,000 per month nightclub rental to a $50,000,000 development.

But hey, whatever happened to “System Soundbar?”



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  1. Wayne says:

    Turbo and System Soundbar.

  2. BillyO says:

    The difference now is clubs are more spread out. Some are still in the original district, the row on Mercer St, but prime King West is where it’s at now, plus there’s stuff all the down to Parkdale, Stirling Room in the Distillery, it’s probably better this way now. During the summer nothing beats Cabana Pool Bar, which is day time clubbing (Vegas/Miami style).