Quality Control!

Well, if my buyer-clients weren’t depressed before we went looking at houses, they sure as hell are now!

A Thursday morning foray into Wexford & Scarborough “new, custom-built homes” left us all in tears as we made our way back to the central core.

I took a few videos of the, um, “quality” of the construction of these McMansions, and you might be shocked at what $1 Million gets you these days…




Yeah, sure, I could have picked any “Quality Control” clip-art image from Google.

But if at least one blog reader sees the cover-art from this album that sold a whopping 387,000 copies in the United States in 2000, and has a really awesome flash-back to their teens or early 20’s, then my job here is done…

Speaking of jobs being done – let’s look at some really spectacular workmanship in this one house I visited on Thursday.

And when you’re done watching these quick videos, remember that no matter what these videos show, I assure you – the house was way worse.  Not everything can be captured on camera…

We’ll start with my favourite – painter’s tape that defeats the purpose of painter’s tape:



How about not being able to choose a style of tile, so simply using four different types in one hallway?



How about this…..ummmmm…….”open concept” laundry room?



How about this shot of a door that wasn’t quite measured properly…



How about a creative way to ensure your electrical outlet “goes” with the style of the wainscotting?



Well, this is just crappy workmanship:



I’m not sure if this shower was installed properly…



This shower was installed properly, and the person who did the installation autographed it for the buyer! How nice!



I’ve never seen so many houses that reek of a person saying, “I bet we could buy a house, renovate it, and sell it for more money!”

Wait……maybe these people went to those real estate seminars that we talked about last week? 🙂


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  1. H. Marshall says:

    David, please keep an eye on this beauty and let us know when it sells.

  2. AndrewB says:

    David, hopefully you can find a way on your blog to upload pictures without Flash. Flash is terrible and doesn’t work on mobile. I can’t see the pics!

    1. Neil says:

      The videos are HTML5, not flash.

      1. AndrewB says:

        When I was ssing my work laptop, Chrome detected they were flash and disabled the content. Also, if they were HTML5, they would be supported by my Galaxy Note 4, but they aren’t.

  3. Nathan says:

    The ‘autograph’ in the last video is brilliant.

    [I mean, the word is ‘brilliant’]

    Which, admittedly, fits in ironically with the whole theme of this post.

  4. Appraiser says:

    Hey, take a look at those North American stock market indexes today. OUCH!

  5. Libertarian says:

    David, well done with the Jurassic 5 reference!

    Here’s the video…


    1. Mooj says:

      Count another reader with the nostalgia trip to high school

  6. Noel says:

    Most of the new homes I see built for sale have poor workmanship but this takes the cake. Of course I bet a lot of purchasers get hypnotized by ‘stainless steel kitchen sink’, ‘granite countertops’ and ‘double bathroom sinks’ (once I saw a couple only 6″ apart!) and don’t pay attention to workmanship really so no wonder builders don’t either.

    If this is what the finished look like can you imagine the poor workmanship that went into the structure that is now hidden?

  7. Clifford says:

    Garbage. This boom has produced so many fly by night builders who seem to go unpunished for their ineptitude and greed.

    Don’t buy precon. Buy what you can see.