Merry Chrismukkah!

And just like that, 2015 on Toronto Realty Blog comes to a close.

I’d like to thank all of my readers, and all of my regular commenters: Kyle, Joe Q., Libertarian, Noel, Appraiser, Long Time Realtor, Paully, FroJo, rob fjord, GinaTO, Marina, condodweller, Boris, Ed, Joel, crazyegg, AndrewB, Jeremy, David (not the David who runs this website), EE, McBloggert, Buckley B. Buckington, Mike, Maggie K, RPG, Cool Koshur, Johnny Chase, Jeff, Gloria, Chris, Darren, Paolo, BillyO, JimB, Daniel, Dan, lui, WEB, A Grant, IanC, Jimbo, Geoff, Jeff316, Potato, Jonathan, Clifford, ScottyP, steve, mortgageJAKE, Bort, and anybody else who I may have missed, because I always miss somebody.

And last but not least, my mother, Moonbeam, who is constantly doing the Internet equivalent of pinching my cheeks and calling me “cute” in front of pretty girls at school.

And hey, whatever happened to Chroscklh?  TRB isn’t the same without him.



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  1. Appraiser says:

    Interesting year-end review on the Toronto real estate market from Realosophy:

  2. lui says:

    Hoping Santa brings me a 1000 sqft hardloft with parking for under $350,000 with reasonable maintenance fees and quiet neighbours…ho ho ho….have a great holiday to the Fleming family.

  3. Mark N says:

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season David, and thank-you for your ongoing passion, commitment, intelligence, honesty, and exuberance. You have found a way to shield yourself from the cynicism and hypocrisy that too often pervades your industry, and we who read your blog are all the richer and wiser for it.

  4. FrancesMC says:

    Happy New Year, David. I hope you do well in the new one. And Greetings to Moonbeam.

  5. Appraiser says:

    Merry Christmas!

    What a year for real estate in the GTA.

    As of December 25, 2015 there have been 32,783 condos and 67,797 freehold properties sold through the TREB MLS, for a grand total of 100,580 sales year to date, with a few days to spare.


  6. Mike says:

    Wait, am I the only one to correlate the disappearance of Chrosklh and the fact that the bears he keeps talking about have started to fatten up for the winter.

    Kyle, is it safe to say that because no one has been eaten by a bear on this blog that it’s safe going forward?

    1. Kyle says:

      It’s safe to say that real estate prices will continue to reflect supply and demand, which are a reflection of the economic factors that currently influence active market participants’ behaviour (not irrelevant factors that happened in the past, not factors that affect people who are not in the market for houses, not factors from a Country to the south of us, and certainly not silly make-belief historic bi-variate relationships observed over a cherry picked time period).

      And those current economic factors strongly support the continuation of the supply and demand levels that we’ve been seeing. This is why the bears never come up with a credible counter argument on this blog or anywhere else for that matter, because the FACT is they don’t have one. The danger going forward will be when there is a shock to those economic factors big enough to significantly alter the supply and demand for real estate, such as a recession, war, pandemic, natural disaster or crisis. Unfortunately those are things that happen sporadically and are not things anyone has ever been able to predict with reliability. Yes, it’s prudent to be concerned about the potential for such events, and prudent to know your risk if a big one were to hit. But make no mistake, it is the risk of a future event that we should concern ourselves with, not the risk of made-up risks from the past.

      I want to thank David for another year of great blogging, and for providing a great forum for discussing real estate. Merry Christmas to all, even the bears!

      1. Chris says:

        “This is why the bears never come up with a credible counter argument on this blog or anywhere else for that matter, because the FACT is they don’t have one.”

        If you really thought that was true – you wouldn’t make such a part-time job out of continually commenting about them….

        1. Kyle says:

          Thanks for proving my point Chris. Rather than coming up with a credible, well-reasonsed, supported, logical counter argument you instead try to twist what i said into some bizarre strawman argument.

          Let me explain something about my personality to you. If i’m hiking through a Provincial park and see that someone has dropped a piece of garbage, i will take the effort to bend down, clean it up and carry that garbage out of the park with me, because Provincial parks are one of the few places that haven’t been littered and polluted by idiots. I consider David’s blog to be the Provincial park of real estate blogs. It is one of the few places that someone can come to actually find useful information about Toronto real estate, so when i see it littered and polluted with misinformation and garbage (i.e. every single conclusion the bears have ever come up with), i take the time to clean it up, even if it feels like a part-time job.

  7. jonnathan says:

    Have a great end of year relaxation session.

    Thanks for the card and calendar as well. May the new year bring you more customers, sales and excellent blog posts.

  8. A Grant says:

    To you and yours as well, David

  9. Joe Q. says:

    Top of the season to you David — and to Chroscklh, wherever you are.

  10. Buckley B. Buckington says:

    Merry Christmas to you as well David. Try not to work too hard over the holidays 🙂

  11. Ed says:

    and Chroscklh – where are you?

    Maybe bear got him?

    Merry Christmas

    1. Ed says:

      A real estate bear

  12. moonbeam! says:

    Hi Dave – yes, you are adorable! (I can say that!) Thank you for the card and the TRB 2016 calendar! Best wishes to you and Jenna, everyone at Bosley, your TRB readers and commenters, and all the real estate clients….. happy holidays and happy new year 2016!
    and Chroscklh – where are you?