Photos Of The Week!

This edition of “Photos of the Week” blends together some of the worst photos I’ve seen on MLS, along with some of the worst I’ve seen in person.

I saw a $2.4 Million Leaside home come onto the market this week, and all the photos were upside-down.  They remained upside-down for eight hours, until they were fixed.

What the hell is wrong with people?  Twenty photos for MLS – it’s not rocket science.

You’d be scared to see what’s on MLS these days.  Scared straight.  Like the first photo I have for you this week…


I’m not going to save the best for last this week.

I want to start out with the wackiest photo I’ve seen on MLS in quite some time.

And this is how it appears in full MLS view?


Ummm…….isn’t that kind of…..scary?

Like, really scary?

IS that ANY way to market a downtown Toronto condo?

It kind of reminds me of this:


Or this:


Or perhaps in the scariest way possible, this:


Wow, that brings back memories.

I watched that video alone in Shinjuku, Japan in 2005 when I was studying karate and staying in an “apartment” that was slightly larger than my office.  The girl came out of the TV and I was scared beyond belief…

Anyways, you surely don’t want to market your downtown Toronto condo in a way that conjures up thoughts and images of “Ringu.”


People try to get creative when selling real estate, and sometimes it works, while many times, it does not.

Take the following for example – these are high-resolution images, clearly taken from a great camera, but they’re all off-centre, tilted, slanted, and for some reason there’s a photo of the blue flame coming from the gas stove:



This might be the smallest bedroom I have EVER seen:






Selling real estate.


Or…….a stuffed-animal, having a really, really lonely get-together with crappy furniture in a dimly-lit basement…



Somebody call child services!

To wallpaper your kids’ room with this is just torture.  Wouldn’t this screw up their rods and cones?



Maybe afterwards, you’d see everything out there like you’re looking through the bottom of a Coke bottle, like this photo below, which also shows how you see the world when you’ve been awake, doing drugs for seven days straight:



I don’t understand those weird-angle lenses.

Not wide-angle lenses.  We know those are great for making properties seem larger than they are.

But weird-angle, or whatever you call it when you make the object of the camera look round.  What’s the point?

But that’s photography.  What about staging?

How about randomly placing a farm animal in an otherwise well-dressed room?


Honestly, I showed that condo to a client, and I thought the lamb was real.

It was 8pm, and dark outside and inside, and when I turned on the bedroom light, I saw the lamb, and I jumped!

It wasn’t quite Ringu, but it was a close second…


Anyways, back to doing drugs…

Is this floor really, really slanted, or are you just drunk and/or confused?


What would possess somebody to buy a house that’s so crooked, the floor on the right is two inches lower than the floor on the left – in a hallway that’s only 3-feet wide?


Wait….back to ridiculous photos, I almost forgot this one!

It’s one thing to take a photo with your thumb on the lens.

It’s another thing to not realize you took the photo with your thumb on the lens.

But it’s another thing entirely to take a photo with your thumb on the lens, not realize it, and then put it up on MLS as the “Feature Photo” for a property listed for sale:



And last, but certainly not least, a home that has everything.

Absolutely, everything you could ever want.



And I had the buyers for the property!

Suffice it to say, they’ll probably change at least one thing in this house… 🙂

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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  1. Tamir says:

    You’re being mean about the light photo. I think it does a decent job illustrating how much natural light that room gets with all the other fixtures off.

    The weird-angle lens is actually a fisheye lens that you are right, goes too far in trying to show the view. A regular wide-angle would have sufficed. But did you notice how the photoshopped the hell out if the sky in that one? Toronto NEVER looks that good at night!

  2. lui says:

    Like most properties these days the new owner would tweak the interior for their taste.If the house foundation is good,if the house is not leaking or crawling with termites it would have multiple offers.

  3. AndrewB says:

    1. It’s sad that someone took those dark shots and thought “these are totally suitable for MLS”.

    2. In the wallpaper shot, is that the wallpaper peeling on the right side?

  4. condodweller says:

    I like the first one, it’s artistic. In this case a bad photo does not necessarily mean bad condo. The one from the balcony was done with a wide angle lens, when they are that wide they are called fisheye. I don’t mind that type of shot of the view, what does bother me is when it’s used on interior shots and they are not keystone corrected.

  5. Fro Jo says:

    Ringu! And I love those shadowy condo shots. I wouldn’t go near that condo, but, yeah, nice shots.

  6. Pete says:

    What’s wrong with the last picture? Is it the urinal that offends you? I think that’s an awesome idea.

    1. Wut says:

      I think he’s talking about the builder grade lights above it. Nobody needs that much light when using a urinal.

      1. condodweller says:

        I would add a bidet…

    2. @ Pete

      I wouldn’t say I’m “offended” by the urinal.

      I would say that only 1 in 10,000 houses has one, and thus it’s something that stands out.

      I wouldn’t mind a urinal in my house one day. Then again, I also wouldn’t mind just peeing in the backyard like my dog…