“Bajillion Dollar Propertie$”

I never miss posting a blog, but once in a blue moon, I get to “mail one in.”

Today is one of those days.

I just got back from a weekend away, it’s 11:40pm, and I can’t think.  My brain isn’t working.

So I’m letting myself off the hook by spending six minutes on this post, but, introducing you to the cynical and twisted spoof of the “Million Dollar Listing” series, called Bajillion Dollar Propertie$…

Last week, I told somebody at my office, “I’m going to a bachelor party this weekend, but I really don’t want to go.”

He told me this was called “a humble brag.”

I had to look this up on Urban Dictionary, and it would seem a humble brag is a “thing.”

What can I say?

I’m old.  And boring.

I’m simple.  And old-fashioned.

The perfect Friday night for me is eating fajitas and streaming Wentworth with Jenna and Bella.  And yes, my dog does watch TV.  It’s weird.  I feel like if she could talk, she would just turn to us and say, “I really hope Vera lets Ferguson back into gen-pop, then she’ll get what’s coming to her!”

Anyways, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me sitting in the corner of the cottage and reading about the owner of Trump Towers defaulting, while the rest of the party plays beer-pong.

Honestly, folks, I have a list of “blog topics” and I sat down to try to write something, and my brain just powered “off.”

Enjoy the video above.  I’ll be back on Wednesday!


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  1. Jeremy says:

    That’s not a humble brag unless you consider having friends invite you to a cottage and/or a bachelor party something you would brag about.

    This would be a humble brag: “I’m going to a bachelor party in St. Barths this weekend, but I really don’t want to go…. I hate flying on those small planes”.

  2. moonbeam! says:

    I LOVE this video, laugh out loud at all the clichés!!
    Yes nowadays we have the bachelor-stag-weekend…. I’m old enough to remember when a stag was an evening at a bar or casino — now it’s a multi-day marathon! same with ‘bachelorette-parties… Bring back the old ways and the old days, I say! 🙂

  3. Appraiser says:

    Absolutely hilarious video!

  4. Johnder says:

    LOL @0:33 “My only rule is… I don’t play by the rules, except by my own rules, which I do play by…” Love reading your blog… even your short posts. Hope you had a great weekend.