More MLS Musings!

These have been piling up for a while!

I’m like a kid on Christmas, sitting here, starring at a living room full of gifts, trying to decide which one to open first.

What makes for a better MLS musing: laziness, or incompetence?

Don’t worry, you need not answer.  We have plenty of both in this week’s edition…


Every time I run this feature, at least one real estate agent asks me, “Why do you post those photos?  You’re drawing negative attention to real estate agents, and it makes us all look bad.  You’re just giving the public ammunition.”

But a comment like that completely misses the point.

Photos like these, on MLS listings, by “professionals,” are pathetic.

And the public doesn’t need ammunition – they have enough already.

The public wants a better product and service, and I think they deserve it.

I have no problem calling out bad practices, and I hope everybody, in their own industry, would do the same if they took pride in what they do.

Plus, these are just too funny not to share!

So let’s start with the best one, shall we?

Here we have the photo array for an MLS listing, and we see what looks like five photos:


But those aren’t photos of the unit, and the building.

Those are photos of the marketing material – the exterior of the building, the floor plan, and the kitchen in the model suite!

But wait…..there’s more!

Those aren’t photos of those particular items, but rather photos of a COMPUTER SCREEN showing the photos!

Here’s a photo of the computer screen showing the exterior of the building:


Notice how it says “Return to Photos” at the top?

Well, that, and you can see the glare from the computer monitor!  You can almost make out the reflection of the person sitting in front of the computer, with a yellow painting over their shoulder!

Seriously – somebody doesn’t know how to right click “Save As.”

Here’s the photo of the computer screen showing the floor plan:


And the photo of the computer screen showing the stock kitchen:


That’s unreal.

It’s pathetic, but it’s just unreal.

That somebody is so incompetent they can’t “Save” on their computer, as they steal images from somebody else’s MLS listing.

The bigger question though: who hired that person?  And what did the seller think when he or she saw the listing?

Here’s something I just can’t explain:


This is sort of creepy.

It looks like somebody posing in the corner, hiding behind the drapes!


But it’s actually just Justin Bieber.

Nothing scary about that…

I can’t be certain that this is not Justin Bieber, hiding behind the tree.

But I’m wondering why that person didn’t just move out of the frame.

Couldn’t the photographer say, “Hey can you move for two seconds?”

That takes just as long as to say, “Hey can you hide behind that tree, and do a poor job of it?”


This is for a listing in Oakville, where I suppose they do things differently (?)

Nothing says “homey” like a photo off the seller, sitting on her Lazy-Boy, watching “Dateline Mysteries!”


This is either the photographer not wanting to ask the dog and cat to move, or the home-owner telling the photographer not to ask the dog and cat to move:


It’s called “lighting.”

You might want to look into it the next time you take photos…


This listing agent decided, not only that the interior photos of the house weren’t important, but that the exterior was so important that they need to show it during the day, and show us what it looks like as we sit in our white cube-van across the street at 2am: 


And last, but my GOD certainly not least…

Who the HELL owns a meat slicer?


Have a great weekend, everybody!


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  1. Ming says:

    randomly bump into this blog. these pics are hilarious!!

  2. Ed says:

    The one above the Beiber pic looks like the spirit of a deer walking on it’s hind legs. Spooky!

  3. James says:

    You haven’t had real prosciutto di parma or pata negra until you’ve sliced it at home!! It’s delicious.

  4. Paully says:

    When we sold our first condo, we had our dog included in one of the pictures. We wanted people to know that we had a friendly dog, and that he might be home when they came in to view the unit. Right or wrong, we figured that if people saw his picture in advance, it would make them more comfortable when they were there.

    Personally, I think that the big black and white stripes on the ceiling are waaayyyy weirder than the meat slicer.

  5. Marie says:

    Thanks, David, for shaming the lazy and incompetent agents. One would hope that features like this might spur some of them to make more of an effort (but I suspect they are in denial anyway)/

    As for those who say that you’re “drawing negative attention”, well, it’s not like the public doesn’t already notice. We’re not blind. If you call yourself “professional”, then you should conduct your business in a professional manner.

  6. BHT says:

    I just CAN’T UNDERSTAND why they would think that was up to the same quality they see in other listings, every day, in every city.

    The only thing I can think of is that their client doesn’t know, or hasn’t seen the photos, the listing, or anything. How the hell do they think it’s a good idea to have a listing be presented like that.

    I just can’t understand, it makes me want to pull my hair out. Now I have to go decompress and bang my head against a wall. Great stuff as usual!

  7. Mike says:

    The listing with the dog in the picture featured the dog in a number of the pictures. I thought it was a great idea, makes looking through boring pictures less mundane when you get the odd “find the dog” picture tossed in.

    That said, as a dog owner, I liked it because it reminded me about how the house was on a ravine and steps from Chorley Park. An important feature for dog owners.

  8. Marina says:

    I get agent laziness, but why on earth would the seller not fire them?

    Meat slicers are great if you make your own roasts at home. We keep trying to find ways to feed our kids junk that’s marginally less junky, and replacing deli meats is both healthier and cheaper. Our Zoku popmaker has paid itself back ten times over too.

    On the other hand, pizza is best delivered 🙂

  9. Darren says:

    The tree one looks to me like a statue.
    As for the meat slicer, I have one. Nothing big and fancy like that one, but it wouldn’t be without it.

    1. ezmeralda says:

      Yeah, it looks like a statue of the Teracotta Army…but I could be wrong!

      I agree with David however, that if you have pride for what you do; you’ll at the very least post professional pictures of your clients’ dwelling that you are trying to sell. Its litterally the least you can do!

  10. Singidunum says:

    It is pathetic how little or no effort some real estate agents put into it! Those people should be exposed in hope that they will improve and try harder for their customers. Or the point is, that they don’t need to try harder in this hot market in which everything sells? Quick buck for a minimum effort? What brings to my mind another question: Why do we need agents like that at all when market is so hot and sells itself?