What do you think of the Realtor.ca app?

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Great new design, David…

Blog post idea: could you post something about the Realtor.ca app? I’m shocked that an app of that quality, i.e. it literally doesn’t work, still has not been improved, especially given how fast some houses sell in Toronto and how crucial that information is at your fingertips.




Hi Jane,

Let me be brutally honest here, at the risk of ruffling a few feathers…

What CREA has put together is total junk.

You would think that CREA, who oversees all of real estate in Canada, would see the value in investing whatever it takes to get a top-notch website and app up and running.

You would think…

CREA’s lack of action, and lack of foresight, have opened the door for the Zolo’s and Zoocasa’s of the world.

I pay fees every year to CREA, OREA, RECO, and TREB. And I know that they all have money – OREA in particular, who makes a ton of money off licensing all the new wanna-be Realtors! Where does all this money go?

Sure, some of the money is being used to fight the Competition Bureau. But what about putting money into better infrastructure to keep the real-estate-buying public happy?

What would it take for CREA to re-vamp www.realtor.ca, and launch a mobile app? A million bucks? That’s nothing, considering what’s at stake.

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  1. Xi Dada says:

    Both the Realtor.ca and Realtor.ca apps are complete and utter rubbish. They are the entire reason they’re having problems with the Competition Bureau. If they simply would have kept up and delivered a site maybe even half as good as Zillow/Trulia they wouldn’t have the mess they’re in.

    Why can’t we see how long a property has been listed for?
    Why can’t we see when a property gets a price change?
    Why are there no RSS feeds?
    Why isn’t there a field for property taxes?
    Why can’t I search for both duplexes AND triplexes but omit everything else?
    Why Is Every Word In The Description Capitalized?
    Why can’t it be Google maps instead of the steaming pile that is Microsoft maps?

    These are just the few things off the top of my head…don’t even get me started on how buggy both the website and the app are, hogging up resources and crashing.