My Own Private Idaho!

It’s Monday, and many of you desperately need to kill four-and-a-half minutes of time with something moderately-educational.

So while I’m here in Victor, Idaho, I figured I’d give you a tour of our family home.

It’s a lot different from what we see in Toronto!

A timber-frame home on a large parcel of land, for the price of a 1-bedroom Toronto condo.

How ironic that I was born in 1980, the same year the B-52’s released the song “Your Own Private Idaho”…



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  1. Katie says:

    OMG congrats on the baby!!!!

  2. Steve Salkovitch says:

    Mazel Tov David!
    I think Peter has been out in the noon day sun too long!

  3. Peter says:


    Congrats on becoming a father.

    Let me echo some sentiments that were shared with me at one time.

    When you have this child, your life will hardly change.

    You will continue to enjoy all the hobbies and activities you currently do.

    You’ll see your friends just as often.

    You’ll golf just as much.

    You won’t put on any weight.

    You and your wife will never fight.

    Oh, and your sex life will remain the same.


    A married, father of two.

  4. Mike says:

    Oh my God, a mini David Fleming is on the way? Terrorizing the playground with tales of the average home price on Toronto? 🙂

  5. moonbeam! says:

    That house is western, rustic, and spacious. I’ve stayed there! The interior is modern, luxurious & beautifully decorated.. even with the log-look walls…. So I agree – David I hope you show the interior too!!

  6. Francesca says:

    Beautiful house and peace of land. Seems very peaceful there. Congrats on the baby news btw that’s wonderful news. Do you know if it’s a boy or girl yet?

    1. @ Francesca

      We’re going to do the old fashioned thing, and wait till the kid comes out to see what’s what. Although buying clothes for a baby when you don’t know the sex is really tough…

  7. Marina says:

    Congrats on the baby, David!

    The house looks beautiful. What do you do when you are in Idaho in summer? Not a snarky question, just genuine curiosity.

    1. @ Marina

      Clearly, Victor, Idaho is home to some of the best skiing in North America. And it’s 35 minutes from Jackson Hole.

      But in the summer, it’s just as awesome. I actually prefer summers.

      Golf, hiking, horseback riding, cycling, whitewater rafting, flyfishing.

      It’s the west!

      The hiking here is unbelievable. Google “Wind Caves” and you’ll see. Man, there’s so many trails to so many incredible sights.

      But more than anything, it’s an opportunity to live a very slow pace of life. Toronto is a rat race, and I work from January to the end of June with no real break. Then again from Labour Day through mid-December. So the time in Idaho in the summer is an opportunity to slow it all down. I can’t sit still for two minutes in Toronto. I’m always on the computer or on the phone, even when I’m supposed to be watching a show with my wife. But here, I’m amazed at how I can drink coffee in the morning and just stare into the mountains. It’s the only time and place I’ve been able to slow down from that Toronto pace.

  8. Ed says:

    You’re pregnant! Congrats! I thought maybe you just put on a few.

  9. Flanders says:

    “Neddy, the home buyers guide said to actually go inside the house before buying it.”

    So are we gonna see the inside or what???? 🙂

  10. Kyle says:

    Beautiful home away from home and congratulations!