Dog Park Condos?

Notice the question-mark, instead of the exclamation-mark.

The question here is: would a condo-buyer make his or her purchase decision based on the building’s proximity to a dog-park?  What if that dog park is literally across the street?

We may live in a “me-first” society, but we often go well out of our way for our canine friends.

I think a lot of people are going to be attracted to this new development on the downtown’s east side….



Perhaps not the most visual masterpiece I’ve ever created, but you get the point!

I never had a pet, until about four years ago.

I never understood what all the fuss was about.

Now that I have a dog, I wonder how we ever lived without one.

My wife and I often ask each other, “What did we do before Bella?  Was it just the two of us?  What the hell did we talk about?”

So now being part of the “dog culture,” I see how much time, effort, energy, and money people will put into their pets.

Dog-walking is a massive business in the downtown core, and owners will routinely spend $10,000 per year on their dogs.

So is it unreasonable to assume that a condo-buyer would be attracted to a building specifically because it’s across from a dog park?

It’s not crazy, considering people will buy in a building with direct subway access, or on a strip of retail that offers other conveniences like coffee, groceries, restaurants, et al.

I’ll be shocked if Great Gulf Homes doesn’t market the dog park as a major feature when these units go on sale.

And now since we’re on the subject of dogs, here are a few recent photos of Bella:





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  1. Lucielle says:

    My friend chose her last home specifically because of how close it was to her favourite jogging trail, so I can only imagine someone would do the same for their dog. She found the property on, a free site for listing your home that lets you communicate directly with the buyer. She’s been gushing about it since she closed the sale, so I had to check it out myself. I’ll admit, it looks amazing, and I plan to sell my home there when my husband and I move.

    1. Condodweller says:


  2. Kramer says:

    Excellent additional “feature”… I don’t think anyone in the city would be silly enough to ONLY buy on that one feature, i.e. if the location otherwise was terrible, etc… but that is a great feature… condo dogs need it… keeps them healthy… everyone loves their dogs… excellent feature. I miss my little 4-legged girl and would have loved it if she had a place that close so we could have gone 2-3 times per day. I bet the condo owners will take some additional responsibility of the dog park too and keep it cleaner/safer/etc for dogs. Great idea. I wish I was 26 again and living in a condo with my pup. I would consider this place (among many many others, like any condo close to High Park)

  3. Clifford says:

    I think dog owners should have to pay an extra fee (as part of the maintenance fee or whatever) just based on the wear and tear to the condominium and the condo grounds caused by dogs. I like dogs, I just think there are many irresponsible owners.

    1. Joel says:

      That and for the clean up. When I lived in a condo there was dog pee on the sidewalk every day that someone had to hose down. Absolutely disgusting that they allow their dogs to pee on the sidewalk and a waste of paying someone to clean it up.

      1. Clifford says:

        Yes, it’s disgusting. My building has gone from “please clean up after your dog” to “If your dog is found defecating on the premises, you will be fined!”. It has come to that. As you mentioned, the stench of urine as I come in through the side door makes me sick. There’s a park around the corner that is all gravel. It’s one giant, smelly litterbox in the summer.

    2. hoob says:

      I think parents should have to pay an extra fee (as part of the maintenance fee or whatever) just based on the wear and tear to the condominium and the condo grounds caused by kids. I like kids, I just think there are many irresponsible parents.

      1. GinaTO says:

        Kids don’t piss and poop everywhere. The parks close to my house, full of kids, is a lot closer than the dog park that was close to my condo.

        1. GinaTO says:

          *are a lot cleaner (typing too fast)

  4. CB says:

    Walking your dog is something you do every day 2-3x a day. As a dog owner, proximity to a dog park or other good places to walk my dog is the ultimate convenience. More convenient then close proximity to something like a grocery store that I might visit 2x a week.

    P.S. She is adorable! Looks like she’s up to no good in that second picture:)