Happy Holidays!

“Happy Holidays.”  Is this what the politically-correct society of 2016 would have us do?  Remember the Christmas Concerts we had in school in the 1980’s?  When we’d get together in the gym and sing about Rudolph and Frosty?  What was wrong with that?  Why do people get offended so easily in 2016?

“Merry Christmas” and “Happy Hannukah” to all my loyal blog readers.

Special thanks to my most frequent commenters on Toronto Realty Blog: Kyle, Condodweller, Joe Q, Mike, Appraiser, Libertarian, Long Time Realtor, Ralph Cramdown, BillyO, Oren, Julia, Paully, Potato, Fro Jo/Formerly Frosty, Kramer, Joel, Daniel, Cool Koshur, Darren, Geoff, Jeff316, WEB, Ed, David (Not The David Who Runs This Website), Francesca, McBloggert, JG, GinaTO, Marina, Graham, A Grant, Jason, Boris, Crazyegg, RPG, Frances, IanC, Real Estate Millennial, Scott, Jeff, Jeremy, Natrx, IzzyBedibida, Negotiator, Jack, Buckley B Buckington, Johnny Rotten, H Marshall, Clifford, AndrewB, Steve, Wut, CB, Lui, West Ender, Peter, Pete, Mr. Late, Chroscklh, Moonbeam, and anybody else who I might have missed, but gosh-darn did I try to find you all.

Back on January 2nd.  Have a great holiday, everybody!



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  1. Frank Nava says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

  2. Cool Koshur says:

    Thank you David for your blogs. I really enjoy reading them.
    This is your first holiday season with little angel. Have wonderful time.


  3. crazyegg says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks again for putting this great blog together. Always full of insightful information not just from David, but from all the readers as well.

    PS: Don’t limit yourself to just investing in real estate. Complement your holdings.
    I am in the process of migrating most of my portfolio from “exciting” equity stocks and REITs to “boring” equity stocks (that increase their dividends on a regular basis).


  4. Condodweller says:

    Merry Christmas to all!

  5. Mr. Late says:

    Merry Whatever everyone ….

    1. Mitch says:


      It’s just an awesome time of year.

      There’s snow, lights, glitter, singing, cookies, presents, cool stories, things for kids to do, family time, outdoor skating, snowmen, office parties, vacations, and a slower and happier pace of life.

      Some people might call it “Christmas” and some might call it late December, but whatever.

      Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

  6. Carl Warner says:

    David, no one gets offended at hearing “Merry Christmas” and no one insists we aren’t supposed to say it. You’re paying too much attention to Fox News, particularly Bill (“War on Christmas!”) O’Reilly. And, parenthetically, can we please retire the tired old “politically correct” trope? It’s so Nineties.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    1. jeff316 says:

      Yeah my kids sang Frosty and You Better Not Pout in the xmas concert in public school. They also did the hannukah song

  7. Daniel says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, David!

    Thank you once again for providing the best Toronto real estate resource in the city.

  8. GinaTO says:

    Merry Christmas David, Jenna and Maya! As your daughter grows, you will relive the “Magic of Christmas” all over again. Little ones get so excited! She is your gift this year, enjoy every moment.

  9. Sarah says:

    Dave! You should start a tradition of santa pictures with your daughter. I have done one every year since I was born with my sister… and it is amazing to look back on all the years each Christmas Season. (even at 24 years old, we still go every year…..)

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Randy says:

    Pretty disappointed in this blog post.
    Honestly and personally, I think Christmas as it was in the 80’s is long gone because people are just realizing it is such a sham. It’s just one big commercial event, which has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. Even (especially?) Christians are fed up with it, with the Internet, now there is no place to hide the overwhelming evidence of it’s pagan origins and lies made up to pacify the masses.
    I mean seriously, the man Jesus promoted a LIFE of showing love and generosity, not just one day per year of giving out of guilt and necessity.
    Most people like the nostalgia of Christmas, things like big family dinners and excited kids opening presents. And that is FINE by me. But why do you need Christmas to have those things? David, don’t get riled up because no one says ‘merry xmas’ any more. It’s just one big lie anyway. Christmas will completely be a thing of the past within 2 more generations.
    Sorry if that came off like a rant.
    Have a nice holiday break from work, and enjoy that baby.

    1. XXX says:

      Omg Randy get a grip bro.
      This is the guy’s farewell 2017 post and you gotta crap all over it and bring Jesus into it.
      A wee bit of sarcasm before he thanks 30 ppl he doesn’t know for reading his free blog.
      Not enuff humility for you?

      1. Carl Warner says:

        “Farewell 2017 post”?

        How’d I miss an entire year? Oh well, at least I slept through 365 days of the Trumpmeister.

    2. Mike says:

      Randy, one of two things are going to happen to you this evening. You’ll either delay my subway trip home or you’ll be visited by three ghosts as you sleep. I’m hoping it’s the latter and not the former (for more than just obvious reasons).

      I love you man. Maybe I and others don’t say it enough but on Sunday I’ll give pause to think about you an the rest of my fellow man. Perhaps I should do it more often but that’s still no reason to hate-on Christmas.

      1. Kramer says:

        Randy I haven’t laughed at my computer screen in weeks… thanks for the giggles on behalf of all of us godless heathens celebrating this pagan sham! Hahahaha.

  11. Francesca says:

    Happy Holidays to you too David! Enjoy your first holiday season with your daughter! All the best to you and your wife. Speaking to your comment about Christmas concerts we have noticed the difference between the public school system where my daughter went for a few years where Christmas concerts were turned into politically correct “Holiday” concerts where barely no Christmas songs were sung to the Catholic school system where my daughter is currently enrolled and where we get a full fledged Christmas concert every year!