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Well I’d hate to take the debate away from topics like the future of our city and whether or not we’ll all have a place to live in fifty years.

But…..I have some of the funniest MLS photos, descriptions, and mistakes that I think you’ll ever see.

Let me lighten the mood, mid-week, and we’ll come back to more serious topics on Friday.

It’s almost the end of the year, so we need to discuss “Top Stories of 2016.”  For now, have a laugh…


I know this is a typo.

Or maybe a language issue.

But I still think it’s funny.

I just wonder how Jim feels about being described as an amenity, and how he’d feel about being “used.”

Amenities - Jim

I’m really immature, I know.

But let me demonstrate some restraint by letting you come up with your own joke for this one…


This is funny.

“Motivated buyer,” it says.

What’s funny about that, you ask?

This is for a listing.  I think they confused “buyer” with “seller.”

Pfffff.  I can’t see a detail like that being important…


How do you market a parking spot?

What can you possibly say?

That it’s……..convenient?

Yes, p4.  That’s convenient.  You only have to drive around in a circle FOUR TIMES to get to the ground level…


I guess “marketing” is tougher than it looks.

Or is it?


I hate when photographers try to use “effects” with their lenses.

These photos look like they’re taken through a security camera!

Maybe a spy-cam?

A “peep-cam” installed to watch the tenants?



I have no idea why the agent for this unit brought his or her kid when taking photos.

I mean, the photos are bad enough – being taken on a Blackberry from 2002, with no lighting, making the unit look miserable.

But the kid trying to scare his mom?  How does that fit into the “marketing” here?


No, but seriously.

Tell me that the agent didn’t look at any of these photos?

Tell me the agent had no clue that he or she took a photo of the SAME dark hallway/pillar with the kid in the shot, and used BOTH on the MLS listing:


At least the person in this photo is trying to stay out of the shot.

But if they’re not willing to clean off the counters for the photos and make the place look presentable, the person lurking in the background may as well be sprawled out naked on the floor.


Look, not everybody is cut out to be a professional photographer.

Some don’t know that people shouldn’t be in the shot.

It’s up to the photographer to tell them to move.

And then, the photographer can get a shot of HIMSELF in the frame…


What do you see with this photo?

The glare, right?

This is the result of a real estate agent so lazy, that he or she didn’t even do down the driver’s side window to take the photo:


This listing advertised, “secure bike parking in backyard.”

That thing looks like it installed by a drug addict with a sledgehammer:


Seriously, who doesn’t have a giant scythe in the corner of their condo?


Staged to perfection!

But is nobody going to make the bed?

Or fold the throw blanket?

The devil is in the details…


This property was marketed with, “A putting green in every room!”

They added “For the golf enthusiast!”

Okay, I’m lying.

That’s just the ugliest carpet you have ever seen in your life…


And last but not least, what good is any photo of a chattel or fixture included with the sale of real property, unless you know for certain, before you even go to see the property, that said fixture is in good working order:



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  1. DavidP says:

    In this week’s Pick 5 – those 127 Queen “townhouses” are actually built over the driveway for the building and face Richmond Street! Anyone who walked by there during construction could see that they were usi significantly cheaper building materials for these units than the concrete construction of the main building. It’s also boxed in by the main condo building, the office building next door (Allied’s Queen Richmond Centre East) and a tire centre/parking lot that will one day also be a taller building. Totally deserves to linger on the market for a LONG time.

  2. Liz says:

    David or any agents out there – how hard is it to correct an MLS listing once posted? Is it something an agent can easily fix on their desktop or smartphone? Do brokerages not do quality control on this type of stuff? Isn’t it embarrassing to the whole office, company and your profession?

  3. Ralph Cramdown says:

    Meanwhile, CREA today raised its “forecast” for 2016 Canadian real estate sales. Are they expecting the last two weeks of December to crush it?

    Hoe, hoe, hoe. Merry Christmas!

  4. Kramer says:

    Less amusing than “Jim”, but in addition they use “Sqft” and then THREE words later “Sq.Ft”… this person clearly didn’t re-read the thing even once before posting – shameful.

    My favourite is the massive “Kung Fu Summer Camp” flyer on the beautiful stainless steel fridge.

  5. Joel says:

    The kid in the dark room is hilarious.

  6. Real estate millennial says:

    This stuff is so ridiculous you’d think that someone collecting a cheque for thousands of dollars at a time would give a sh*t. I proposed to RECO that the minimum standard for all new applicants must have a post-secondary degree just like the appraisal institute of Canada. They didn’t take me to seriously so now I applied to be a volunteer at RECO. The incompetence of realtors needs to end. The occassional mistake happens and that’s fair but how do we fix the incompetence in this industry?

  7. Will says:

    That’s a really nice sink and good spray!

  8. CB says:

    What gets me is when the address is wrong …for weeks…showing a downtown condo in the middle of Etobicoke!

  9. Marina says:

    I blame the sellers too. If I saw that on my home’s listing, there would be hell to pay.
    On a side note, I hope the scythe was a Halloween decoration. Unless the anthropomorphic personification of Death had taken up residence in out fair city, that is creepy beyond reason.

  10. Ed says:

    Man oh man. Who hires these agents? I seen tons of listing with very obvious errors sit on MLS uncorrected even after a weeks time. How hard is it to edit a listing? And why wouldn’t the client be screaming at their agent to fix it?