The Friday Rant: I’m Sorry That You’re Offended

“I’m sorry” might have been the most common phrase uttered in Canada in 2016, and it’s not because we’re hokey, simple, Canadians who say “aboot” instead of “about.”

“I’m offended” might have been the second-most common phrase last year, but in 2017, It might give “I’m sorry” a run for its money.

The whole city is talking about “the video,” as it’s being known now, with no explanation necessary, that a Toronto Realtor released this week for her new east-end Penthouse listing.

I want to hear from you folks today: are you offended by this?  And if so, why?

Wait…..that’s not my listing!

What gives?

Why am I giving a “competitor” free advertising on my website?

Why am I about to toot the horn of somebody who could beat me for business?

Well, because I think her video is sensational.

And because I love this condo, as most of you would as well.

In case you’re new to this story, let me start from the beginning.

A listing came out this week at 318 King Street East, aka “The King East,” for a gorgeous penthouse unit, with a wrap-around terrace, that is quite possibly, one of the nicest condos I’ve ever seen in the downtown core.

I had the pleasure of seeing this unit a couple of weeks before it came onto the market, and it was breathtaking.

I figured the target buyer would be a young, single banker – likely male.  Or, perhaps a couple looking to downsize from their $5,000,000 Forest Hill home.

The listing hit the market this week, and with it came a “lifestyle video” from the real estate agent, that has now, after some 48 hours, caused upheaval in our fair city.

If you didn’t watch the video above, and skipped down to the blog – go back and watch it.

The video depicts three men in their late-30’s or early 40-‘s, who come home, and are waited on, hand-and-foot, by the owner’s wife, who happens to be the clumsiest woman on the planet, and continuously spills things on herself and has to keep changing clothes.

The video, as it would seem, has ruffled a lot of feathers among the general public.

The “peanut gallery” does not like the video, or at least those who don’t like it, are speaking the loudest.

BlogTo was the first to pick this up.

Then Toronto Life.

And by Friday when you read this, it will have been on CBC The National, CBC Radio, and a host of other media outlets.

So what do you think?

And be honest, because you’re not hurting my feelings.

The comments on the BlogTO website, and on Toronto Life, are just eviscerating the real estate agent, personally and professionally.

And at the risk of throwing myself onto the fire along with her, dare I say, that I believe this is much ado about nothing.

I had five blog readers email me on Wednesday to ask what I thought of the video, and three of them really didn’t like it.

But I sat with my own mother on Thursday afternoon, and watched the video, and she said it was “cute.”

So who is right, and who is wrong here?

I think that people have every right to like this video, or not.  Just as with any movie you go see – you can say “It was great,” or “I didn’t like it.”

But the reaction to this video, in my opinion, is a bit much.

The fact that the video was released on “International Women’s Day” was nothing short of ironic, and just absolutely, awful timing.  But it wasn’t done on purpose, and anybody that suggests as much is simply looking to to further their own outrage.

But who is the agent that produced this awful video that apparently “sets women’s rights back a hundred years?”

Karyn Filiatrault is a Toronto real estate agent who, in my opinion, represents one of “the good guys” in a sea of mediocrity that exists among the 47,000+ licensed agents, not to mention the bottom-dwellers, corner-cutters; the lazy, and the unqualified.

Karyn is as hard-working as any agent.

She’s innovative, creative, and forward-thinking.

She’s a great negotiator, and I’ve lost to her not once, but twice this year in multiple offers.

And above all, she’s different in her approach to real estate.

I can relate to this.

I’ve been writing blogs on Toronto real estate since before people knew what a “blog” was.

I’m no stranger to controversy, even though I think “controversy” is subjective, and in real estate, for the longest time, anything other than positivity was controversial.

So when Karyn came along, from a background in film and television, and started doing “lifestyle videos” to accompany her real estate listings, people took notice.

This video is an innovative as any I have ever seen.

And it’s perfectly aimed at the target demographic: jerks.


That’s who those three guys in the video are, and we can all picture them hanging out at Earl’s, harassing the waitresses, getting in their phallic-shaped sports-cars, and speeding off to buy pocket squares.

But if that’s who is going to buy this condo, and if that’s who the target market is, then please, ladies and gentlemen, what’s wrong with marketing to them?

I think Karyn did a fantastic job with this listing, and went to lengths that 99.9% of agents in this city wouldn’t go to.  How many agents have spent $10,000 on a promotional video?  I’ve certainly never flown a drone over a patio for marketing purposes!

So what do people out there want?

Do they want to hire a mediocre agent?

Do they want average service?

Or do they want somebody who is willing to stick her neck out, and appeal to the target buyer, to get the property sold for the most money?

I know many of you are sick of hearing about our “overly-political-correct” society, so I won’t go on that rant…..yet.

But you have to admit, that for people to be in an “uproar” about a tongue-and-cheek real estate video, is just such a waste of time.

So many people out there in society today, spend so much time commenting, complaining, judging, and critiquing what other people are doing, and much of the time, it’s so utterly unimportant.

And this is what I find so fascinating about society today.

Consider the ramifications of the following combination:

a) being overly-politically correct
b) having a mass forum to communicate
c) anonymity
d) nothing better to do

The result is a generation of people who find fault with everything, and absolutely must share it with the world, when once upon a time, they would just go on with the rest of their day.

I often think that Facebook may be the worst thing that ever happened to mankind.

Had a bad day?

Go home and ambiguously type “I’m so upset, I could just crawl up into a ball and cry…” into your status.

See what kind of reaction you get.

Aunt Jane said, “What’s wrong, Sweetie?”

Co-worker Ed replied, “Things will get better!”

A friend you haven’t spoken to in ten years, but added to Facebook will write, “Hey, we all have bad days!”

This is the world we live in today, in 2017.

And I just don’t know if we’re better or worse off.

Have we ever been softer as a species?

And at the same time, have people ever been more cruel and judgmental?

Bill Maher did a feature a couple of months ago called, “New Rule: Stop Apologizing.”

Have a look, although this the very definition of “NSFW” so please don’t say I didn’t warn you, and certainly don’t watch this in your cubicle at work with your speakers turned up, or I guarantee, somebody will claim they were offended:

This is a rant about people who are always apologizing for everything, and how society gets offended by anything and everything.

And he sums it up with the best line:

“When you self-involved fools were policing the language at the Kids’ Choice Awards, a mad-man talked his way into the White House.”

Again, this is rude and curse for effect.

Without Bill Maher’s swear-words, and over-the-top antics, the point might be lost.

But isn’t that how many points get across?

With so many voices, so many mediums, and so many topics of discussion, sometimes an exaggeration, hyperbole, or emphasis for the sake of emphasis is necessary.

Karyn Filiatraut’s video may have cast women, or woman, in a negative light, for comedic purposes, to attract a particular buyer.

But my God, is this really worth the uproar?

Or is it just a video, made in jest, directed at a her target demographic?

And what do you think about this video:

This is the exact opposite of Karyn’s video.

This shows four women enjoying the lavish life, whereas Karyn’s video showed three men doing the same thing.

Does this empower women?

Or does it belittle them?

Because personally, I think this video is worse.

When I see this, I think it assumes that women sit at home all day and do nothing but play dress-up, take selfies, have pillow-fights, and conveniently fall asleep in bed together, while “the man” is out working to pay for it all.

So isn’t it all just a matter of perspective?

And if so, then is it really worth being upset over?

As an aside, would you really prefer to hire this person to represent you in the real estate market?

If you were looking to sell your downtown condo today, there are a lot of routes you could take.

You could hire Comfree or some crappy discount firm, and suffer your fate.

You could hire a “name” agent that advertises he or she was the #3 agent in the firm in 2005.

You could hire any number of qualified individuals who are cut from the same cloth, provide the same service, and would achieve the same result.

Or, you could hire somebody who is brilliant, ahead of the curve, innovative, creative, and will go the extra mile (and spend the extra money!) to get the job done.

If I were a prospective seller in the downtown core, I’d be more likely to call Karyn after seeing the 318 King Street lifestyle video than I would be to anonymously attack her on Internet message boards.

So tell me what you think, folks.

And if I’m wrong, if I’m missing the point, or if you just don’t like my big, fat, stupid, ugly, dumb-dumb face, then feel free to tell me.

On a completely unrelated topic: have a great weekend, everybody!


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  1. Elisabeth bentsen says:

    What makes you think the man is out earning the money to pay for everything in the second video? Or that he even lives there? He stayed over and left in the morning … It’s her house and she had friends over.

    Granted it went on too long and I stopped watching after the marshmallows…

  2. Steve says:

    The reactions to this is quite funny. In addition to high priced real estate , Toronto has an overwhelming leftist libtard mentality that shuts down opinions that are not consistent with theirs including trying to censor any attempt at comedy that isn’t politically correct .

  3. Joel says:

    Sadly the video now has a password and I am not able to watch it, but I get the jist of what was going on. I think the deciding factor of whether this was smart or not is whether or not this property is still listed next Friday.

    If it sells for over asking in a week the agent has done her job, if it sits on the market she has failed her seller. If a prospective buyer wouldn’t have looked in this area and saw the video and the media surrounding it and decided to place an offer then this was a great idea. If it has driven away many couples who would have otherwise been interested then it was bad.

    She took a risk and time will tell how it pans out.

    @David, can you let us know when this sells?

  4. Ralph Cramdown says:

    Oh boy, did this one ever blow up in her face. She’s going to end up wearing it. It’s a sticky situation, that’s for sure.

    I watched her other videos.

    Muscular black man sneaking into the home of a young blonde white woman who’s alone? Playing with fire with that trope. Dolly left, dolly right, dolly left, dolly right, dolly left, dolly right, BOOOO-RRRR-IIIING! Any shot that makes me think of the kitty litter box — fail. Video that needs exposition with a voiceover? Fail. Supplying the voiceover with an “answering machine” — a piece of tech unknown to much of the target market? Double fail.

  5. moonbeam! says:

    I guess I’m a traitor to the movement because I laughed out loud watching this video. I came of age in the 60s when women were sex objects for real – Mad Men was 100% accurate. I believed we are all more evolved now. I don’t take offence watching Mad Men, and it won every award possible. We don’t throw things at the screen when we see classic tv shows and movies….we know sexist stereotypes and behavior are outdated and that sexism is wrong. Let’s get a grip – this video is an attention-grabber with old stereotypes…. and it’s not a sin to get a chuckle out of it.

    1. Parkhurst.Bessborough says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Moonbeam.

    2. Parkhurst.Bessborough says:

      I concur fully, Moonbeam.

  6. Jon Brown says:

    I am this weird person who’s hobby is studying marketing and spend a large majority of that studying and reverse engineering marketing from top agents across North America. I have studied over 10,000 hours of marketing in the last two decades. I have also coached agents across North America. I don’t tell this to impress anyone as for most people would think I need to get a life but other than spending time with my family or work it what I enjoy.

    Everyone is can have an opinion but this video from a marketing standpoint is brilliant. Karyn stuff is awesome and way ahead of the the normal service or marketing 95% of agents offer.

    You blog post made a point which is correct if this video showed the most likely buyer for this property. Those that are bashing the video could not afford this condo or would not buy it because it’s not the life style they seek. This video was not created for them so they should go back to watching what stuff that interests them.

    Good marketing attracts the ideal prospects and works like big repellent for those that are a poor fit for the product. Those that see the woman in the video as serving the men done understand the entertaining lifestyle.

    1. Ralph Cramdown says:

      Is this available in english?

    2. McBloggert says:

      @Jon Brown

      “I am this weird person who’s hobby is studying marketing and spend a large majority of that studying and reverse engineering marketing from top agents across North America.”

      Are you related to Boris????

      I am a person who studies TV programs, I have watched well in excess of 10,000 hours of TV programs (that is a whopping 416 days for those counting) – I reverse engineer the plot, dialogue and casting decision to understand exactly what makes a successful program successful. I say this to establish that I am an expert in TV and entertainment. If anyone reading this blog post is in need of a television executive or even movie executive – please reach out to Dave he will know how to contact me. I think my credentials speak for themselves.

  7. McBloggert says:

    I am not easily offended and am hardy a PC type – I listen to Howard Stern and Joe Rogan daily. However, this video struck me as sleazy, cheesy and likely to alienate a lot of people.

    By the end of the video I was left with the impression that the condo itself was a douche and gave me a very negative impression of it. A comedian or film finding the absurdity in how sensitive our society has become to any voice that isn’t left of centre is one thing – but I certainly don’t think an ad reel for a condo is either an effective place for clever satire (which I don’t think they were going for) or an effective marketing tool.

    I think it would have been far more clever to have made it three woman coming to the condo and the man playing the sexualized domestic servant. At least then you could point to it as being more comedic vs. sad and sexist.

    In the end this likely helps the agent more than the listing – she is getting all kinds of attention which will likely result in more business for her; but will it sell the condo? Doubtful.

    1. Boris says:

      So Mcbloggert, why would it be morally different to you if the roles were reversed? Logic fails here.

      The answer is because you have been brainwashed by the regressive left to be a self loathing male in this disgustingly toxic victim state that universities, the media and government has tried to instill into men.l


      1. Steve says:


  8. JENN says:

    I’d hate to play into David’s constant stereotyping of millennials, but I’m a 22-year-old single woman, and I didn’t take any offence to this video. I thought it was funny and I liked it simply because it was different.

    But I chose to look at that video and focus on Jose three pathetic men that are probably unhappy in their lives. It reminds me of the disgusting middle-age men that hit on me and my girlfriends every time we go out for the night. Many of them with wedding bands on!

    I think I’m the only female who isn’t condemning this video, so if David is right then the court of public opinion will jump on my back shortly and maybe tell me why I don’t know anything because I’m too young.

    1. Natrx says:

      No condoning that at all as I personally find it ‘sad’ for middle aged men to do that, but that could one your ‘future’ husband or friend’s ‘future’ husbands some day. Just a thought to keep in mind if you think it’s so far out of whack.

  9. Geoff says:

    I’m going to ignore the ways to interpret the message, and just ask if it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing: which is make people aware of the product. The gauge of the video doesn’t just have to be “do I like it?” but (a) did I watch it (b) did a lot of people watch it and (c) will those in the target market, be so turned off by the commercial they won’t buy the product?

    1. Emm says:

      Those can’t be the only criteria with which we evaluate marketing. There are many tactics that can be used to get attention and getting people to talk about it – there’s plenty of ads that do that in a compelling, innovative way every day. Only the lazy, unimaginative individuals have to resort to these lows.

  10. Boris says:

    If the genders were reversed, none of you sensitive little women’s studies snowflakes would have an issue with it. But since you do, I guess one could call you sexist.

    Grow up, stop being such wimps. Women – why do you map this characters (the woman) behaviour onto yourself? Are you so insecure that you aren’t enough of an individual to be a ‘different’ or ‘stronger’ woman?

    There are so many emasculated, useless young males out there today. When I see them in public, or some type of emasculating portrayal of them, I am not offended or angered. I think to myself “wow, that guy is a pussy. I am glad I am not. I will continue to be a badass dude. Reminder – don’t be like that guy”. Because I am an individual and my outcomes are determined be ME, not by others with whom I share a gender with.

    You whining women about this video are embarrassing yourselves.


    1. Chris says:

      It just gets weirder and weirder with you, eh?

      1. Boris says:

        Chris – if you call sanity ‘weird’ then take this quote with you:

        “Everything popular is wrong” – Oscar Wilde.

        or this one:

        “Don’t be a cuck.” – Boris.

        1. Chris says:

          You complain about liberals calling people nazi’s in another comment, and then yourself resort to calling people cucks?

          That says quite a bit about you, Boris.

          1. Boris says:

            Self loathing and deprecating = cuck attitude. Loser attitude.

            People can be cucks if they want. Not my problem.

            Leftists calling everyone they don’t agree with a Nazi = not an argument. Imposing their intolerance to free speech on others. Not cool. Name calling and attempting to control other’s behaviour through subversive mechanisms are wildly different.

            Also pretty disrespectful to people who actually had to deal with the Nazis, soldiers, victims, etc.

            Last time I checked an authoritarian cuck regime never murdered millions of people.

          2. Chris says:

            I don’t remember calling you a Nazi. Nor do I recall being self loathing or self deprecating. But I also don’t agree with you; does that make me a cuck in your books?

          3. Boris says:

            You seem like a Beta male to me, hence a possible cuck.

            Which is fine, whatever do what you want. People can do what they want!

          4. Chris says:

            Based on what exactly? The fact that I continually argue with guys like you and Kyle? The fact that I think cuck is a dumb word used to shut down debate, in exactly the same way the left uses political correctness to shut down debate? I’m curious as to how you label someone a beta or a cuck from a few comments on a blog post.

          5. Boris says:

            basically you defended the people who I am calling cucks for being cucks in the first place. Which probably means you are a cuck.

            Cuck cuck goose.

          6. Chris says:

            When did I do that? I called your post weird, then you said “don’t be a cuck”. You only have to scroll up to see the evidence.

            So are you going to debate me, or are you just going to keep lying and trying to dismiss me as a “cuck” when I call you on it? Really shows who the true beta is, doesn’t it.

          7. Boris says:

            Debate you on what?

            You said you disagreed with me earlier. Cool.

            Just saying I think you are wrong. We disagree, that’s fine.

            People should stop being such pussies. Grow some skin.

            Want to debate that? Sure, I am game. Modern society is too soft. Maybe we need a world war or something to snap us back out of the reality distortion zone we live in.

          8. Chris says:

            Meh, I couldn’t care less. People can be as soft or hard as they want. It’s their life and their decision. If some dude wants to go for a mani-pedi on his weekend, what do I care? Doesn’t impact me one bit. Personally, I’d rather go for a hike, but to each their own.

            As for a war, well that’s just foolish. Talk to anyone who went to Afghanistan and see if they would vote for more of that. Plus, these days, a big global war wouldn’t be anything glorious. It would be a bunch of missiles flying, and then lights out for everyone. Anyone hoping for that needs to give their head a shake.

        2. Boris says:

          Being a cuck is when you subscribe to the idea (subconsciously or consciously) that you must adjust your opinion to those of the masses/MSM/government because you cannot think for yourself. It’s when you don’t stand up for your own ideas. It’s when you sacrifice your dignity for female approval. It’s needlessly sacrificed manliness.

          We all have that friend who is entirely whipped. The wife runs his show. He can never do anything. He won’t say anything that isn’t politically correct. He is a male feminist.

          Cuck means abandoned principles and lack of a spine.

          1. Chris says:

            I didn’t ask for a definition of what a cuck was. I asked how you have labelled me one, or a beta, or whatever, based on our exchanges here.

    2. Joel says:

      We all appreciate that you continue to be ‘a badass dude’

      1. Boris says:

        I am pretty badass.

        Unrelated/related topic: please discuss the following:

        1. Chris says:

          Dan Bilzarian tries too hard to impress strangers on the internet, spending wads of cash to stage photos like this. He’s like a male version of Kim Kardashian.

          1. Boris says:

            Yeah I tend to agree. But its his money, can do whatever he wants with it.

            HE does seem to roll some hot broads though, even if he comes off as a douche. On the Rogan show he actually seemed like a cool guy though so who knows.

            Either way, the tweet is really funny.

          2. Chris says:

            He can absolutely do whatever he likes with his money. I just wouldn’t bother wasting my time or money trying to get pre-teen boys to “follow” me on instagram. He should probably try spending some time taking better care of himself; didn’t he have a heart attack in his like late 20’s? Doesn’t sound like he is long for this earth…

          3. Joel says:

            This is very true!

  11. GinaTO says:

    This has nothing to do with “being overly-politically correct”. It perpetuates, and normalizes, sexist and demeaning attitudes towards women. Tell me the blender scene is not a thinly-veiled euphemism for a c*m shot, with the ecstatic expression on her face. It’s not because some men behave like this that it makes it ok to glamourize it. I don’t care if she is a “top agent” – perpetuating stereotypes of jerks leering at women, and the women changing into yet another skimpy outfit to serve them, is low, low, low. And frankly, those lifestyle videos are crap to begin with – I don’t need an agent to tell me what “lifestyle” a property is for – I’m the one who creates the lifestyle I want, thank you very much. People who use sexist representations of both women and men in advertising should remember that women, too, have money to spend and will likely choose to spend it elsewhere.

  12. Stella says:

    David, you asked for honesty and so I’ll be blunt, this video is pathetic and those who think otherwise are douches. Anyone who aspires to be like or identifies with the men depicted needs to step away from the porn sites and get a life. And for a white, upper middle class man like you to brush away the “offense” taken by the “peanut gallery” speaks volumes about your entitlement. Remember, the rights you expect your daughter to enjoy were fought for by those who were “offended” and refused to accept a misogynist status quo. Unless you would be happy for her to be depicted like or treated as the woman in the video was you need to sit down and think about your world view. Honestly, I’m sick of entitled white dudes implying (or clearly stating like you have) that those who don’t want to be subject to this type of garbage need so shut up, all the while enjoying the fruits of our struggles for themselves and their families. As for the agent in question, I wouldn’t go near her with a ten foot pole. This video has been extensively shared on social media and most people find it revolting and pathetic – it’s not going to drum up business but then I guess there are always low IQ buyers with too much money.

    1. jeff316 says:

      Right on. People who get riled up about others taking offense to something are more often than just uncomfortable at the fact that their own response was so different. The whole “I’m sorry you’re offended” shtick is just lazy smear to cover up the fact that, inside, they are squirming withe the implication that, on a certain issue, they’re…ummm…maybe a bit of a dick.

      1. TT says:

        What do you mean “right on”???

        She just said “anybody that thinks otherwise is a douche.”

        Anybody that doesn’t share HER opinion is wrong.

        You’re arguing for and against her at the same time!

        1. jeff316 says:

          My response was meant for Gina’s post, but Stella’s lack of acceptance of other’s opinions aside, I’d generally agree that people who find this to be a compelling condo sale video likely suffer from a very high inner douche quotient.

      2. Boris says:

        Jeff: No. You have adopted the rhetoric of all the crybaby regressive leftist that have taken over university campuses across North America.

        “Oh I am a liberal but if you don’t agree with me, I am going to call you a dick/Nazi/fascist!”

        Who’s the fascist now? Calling people that express their opinions about people dicks – I guess being a dick is now a virtue.

        Then sign me up as a dick.

        Moonbeam – political correctness is not ‘good’. It is the biggest rotten plank in society right now. POlitical Correctness = do what I say = fascism = 1984.

        Many of the more intelligent on the left – re Sam Harris, Bill Maher – have acknowledged that political correctness is THE biggest issue facing society today. Not ISIS, not global warming, not the CIA eavesdropping. But PC behaviour.


        1. Moonbeam! says:

          Boris – I do agree with you that ultra-political correctness is not ‘good’, in fact is has gotten way out of hand!
          I agree that it is outrageous and exasperating when political correctness runs amok…
          The lectures and censorship and name-calling and put-downs – you’re right, it’s a major issue today.
          That is a post for another day…
          So: sexism is bad; fair treatment/polite behavior etc. is good…
          We all know, as evolved grownups in 2017, what this means — I hope!
          I still think it’s not a sin to chuckle at this video!

          1. Boris says:

            Moonbeam – I thought the video was funny too. I didn’t think it was very well executed, and I didn’t really like it.

            But I don’t think it’s sexist at all, I think its entertaining to some extent but it could have been better. The girl is hot, the condo seems nice, the guys seem like dinks, and the gimmick wears off quickly.

            But how are people offended by videos like this but not offended when Imams in our own city say it’s okay to throw gays from roofs and do honour killings?

            That’s what is perplexing. People are weird (stupid) bunch.

        2. jeff316 says:

          As per your instructions, your name is now on the official list!

          This place missed you. Thanks for coming back.

    2. Moonbeam! says:

      Stella – it is not evolved to name-call those whose opinion differs from yours.
      We all know that sexism is bad, political correctness is good.
      It won’t kill us to chuckle at an ad that has in-your-face stupid stereotypes.
      The men look lame and pathetic in their roles as leering, wannabe suave-guys,
      and of course the woman is pathetic as a sexy sex-object.
      Who doesn’t know that?

  13. Mark N says:

    The three sexist and arrogant Bay Street Suits are nauseating as is the offensive depiction of the servile Barbie doll woman. The intent was to get attention, and this video did just that – attracting local and national media coverage. It is brilliant marketing, and makes tongue in cheek mockery of the target demographic. That it was released on International Women’s Day may have been a calculated step to maximize uptake by the press. Even though her approach makes me uncomfortable, it is still brilliant marketing.

    The video also has a hidden public-service message – it warns unsuspecting buyers that these are the sorts of jerks who will be your neighbours, so stay away. This is the aspect that makes the video less offensive – you can’t take the people in it seriously even though the sexism and stereotyping in it has a ring of truth to it.

    I may not like this approach or be comfortable with it, but I applaud this realtor for being innovative, imaginative, and audaciously edgy. If I didn’t know David, I would maybe call her for my next purchase or sale, but hey (and I am sure I am not alone in saying this) – David is a keeper!

  14. Eric says:

    I’m sorry but I loved the video. I thought it was funny, it made me laugh out loud, and it was certainly entertaining. But that doesn’t make me an asshole. I’m going home early tonight to cook dinner for my wife because it’s my turn, so don’t assume everybody that doesn’t HATE this video is a mysogonist.

  15. RPG says:

    The whole city is talking about the video.
    David gave it publicity on his own website.
    I’d say the listing agent got exactly what she needed.
    Any publicity is good publicity!

  16. Emm says:

    Hi David, I think you are missing the point. I’m not going to apologize for being overly politically correct, but there has to be some recognition that this video, developed by a woman, normalizes behaviour towards women that is demeaning and misogynist. It’s easy for men to say it’s not a big deal – men don’t face the same challenges that women do every day in the workplace where our work and our voices are undervalued. The don’t have to be afraid walking alone at night that they will be attacked or harassed (there’s a great Master of None episode that addresses that, in case you’re curious). And this happens because the behaviour is normalized through our culture, and advertising plays a heavy role in this.

    You can clearly tell who her demographic is – and it’s not me. And perhaps she’ll be successful and sell this place for a record price. But the end doesn’t justify the means. I would argue that a truly innovative, truly brilliant agent would find a way to sell this place for a record price without perpetuating negative stereotypes of women. Set the bar higher for success.

    1. jeff316 says:

      Agreed. Well said.

  17. Daniel says:

    Great rant!! Today’s social justice warriors are out of control. The next generation will need permission to sneeze.

  18. AT555 says:

    I didn’t like the video. Didn’t bother to see any rest of the videos. I hate stereotypes and the first video is loaded with it.

    1. Kyle says:

      In my opinion, there wasn’t really a need to make the woman in the story a clumsy trophy object of the lead douche, but they definitely played up that angle. The story could just as easily have been a power couple entertaining mutual friends. Personally i would not want to be “that guy” who bought douche-manor, nor would i ever risk unnecessarily alienating huge segments of potential buyers if i were the seller.

      But I’m curious to know. How many people, after watching the video would actually A) buy this condo (assuming you were shopping for a condo in this range)? or B) entrust the marketing of their $2.1 condo to this strategy?

      1. Kyle says:

        Sorry that wasn’t meant as a response to AT555. That was just suppose to be a stand alone comment.

  19. Kyle says:

    I think lifestyle videos can work (e.g. In this video of a beautiful family home in Riverdale, i think it strikes the exact right chord with it’s intended family target, while not turning off other buyers outside of that target).

    I think the King(dom) video however misses the mark. If she is targeting ballers, then the video frankly isn’t offensive enough, in fact the three guys look more like tame wanna-be Kings. The owner appears more like a trust fund kid, than a self-made Titan. Meanwhile it does manage to be offensive enough to turn off other potential buyers, such as married couples, downsizing empty-nesters, families, etc. I applaud that she has taken risks and is trying to do something different, and certainly isn’t skimping on marketing, but to me the story line in her video actually reduces the marketability.

    1. AT555 says:

      Very much agree with what you said. It’s a turn-off for many.

    2. Some guy says:

      This is bang on. The agent’s fundamental job is to expose the property in the best possible light to as many eligible buyers as possible (not generate 1 million Youtube views from people who are not likely to buy the property). The blog says correctly that eligible buyers include an older couple downsizing from a $5 million Forest Hill house. This video tells that class of eligible buyer that this condo (and this building) is not for them. The video diminishes the pool of people who will try to buy the property.

      To be frank, the video isn’t going to attract most Bay St types (confession: I am one of them). The douches among our ranks are a minority.

      At the end of the day, this video perpetuates sexist stereotypes and does little to further the property’s likelihood of being sold.

  20. Pete says:

    The King condo video is gross, and I’m surprised a woman would sign off on it. Is it offensive? No, but I think its perfectly valid to question the message such a video sends. Saying that it’s ok to be gross because she’s marketing to gross people is missing the mark.

  21. L says:

    Many of her videos are sexist, not just this one. The French maid one is worse, but this is shockingly terrible. I actually think they’re targeted to offshore investors, not locals. But Karyn wouldn’t say that.

  22. jeff316 says:

    The first video is gross. The second is tacky. The third is awful in all the best ways.

  23. Tina says:

    As a woman I found it cheesy but not offended. People need to stop over analyzing every thing so they have something to complain about.

  24. Parkhurst.Bessborough says:

    David, I love it!!!! The Bill Maher video is very telling of our times….and you summed it all up so nicely. Thank you.

  25. Darren says:

    I don’t like it.. just because I don’t like it. It’s not something I’d give a second thought to after watching it. Anyone who is up in arms about it needs to take a good look at their priorities in life. Some people have far too much time on their hands.