Photos Of The Week!

Here’s a feature I haven’t done in a long time!

While MLS gives me ample ammunition for my “MLS Musings” series, I guess I haven’t been much of a shutterbug in the past year.

But you’ll get a big kick out of some of these photos.

There’s a little something for everybody today.  Even those who are a bit….ummm……strung out….


These first three photos…

Let me tell you, just how long I’ve been saving these for.

I always thought it might not be a good idea to post these, given that they are from the sale of a Toronto Community Housing Corporation property.

It might cause the reader to generalize, and paint all TCHC residents with the same brush.

But let’s just say this was one isolated incident of somebody living for free off the government, and using the house as a drug lab…

This house went up in flames, and was being sold in “as is” condition.

Here’s a great shot of the security camera, outside the kitchen, that was in front of a giant steel door that led to the basement:


And here’s the basement:


Somebody please tell me: what’s with the egg cartons?

I’ve never run a drug lab……………………………………yet.

Is this weed?  Meth?

What’s with the egg cartons?  Does it serve a purpose?

Or did these guys just rip off a Costco truck?


These next two photos, following those first three photos, are pure coincidence.

I swear.

I was walking through the lobby of a King West condo the other day (sorry, I don’t want to say which one), and spotted this:


Not sure what that is?

Let me get in a bit closer.

As I clearly did with my iPhone camera…



That’s cocaine!

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes.

Yes, I did put up a flyer in the building…

But seriously, imagine me taking a young 22-year-old woman and her parents to see a unit in this building?

“Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, this building is very safe!”

On another subject, tell me if you think this is “to code” or not:


Or this:


Sadly, I think that second photo shows something that is to code.

You know you’ve made it in life, when:


You know you’re being duped, when:


You know you’ve hit the jackpot, when:



Those are deviled eggs, that a tenant left behind, unrefridgerated, on the kitchen counter.

To deviled eggs need to be refrigerated?

Who eats deviled eggs?

Who makes their own deviled eggs?!!?

Have you ever wondered what carpet is made of?

Apparently there’s some plastic in the threads.

I learned that when I saw this:


I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  But this scene fascinates me.

It looks like they dropped the iron, and it bounced – from that darker brown patch at the bottom of the photo, ahead towards the door about two feet.

Then it settled face-down (just like when you drop your bagel!), and melted right into the floor.

Does Home Depot, or Martha Stewart, make a product like “spill-remover” for wine, that can help with this:


This is cute!

I saw these in the garage of a townhouse for sale.

Not only is this agent planning to use one of those “Sold Over Asking” signs, in a market where everything sells over asking (and FYI – this property was stupidly under-priced)…

….but he also has the regular “Sold” sign just in case he messes up and can’t make the claim:


And last, but certainly not least, I think the following sign could be cheeky, or cute, or playful in many markets.

But in the Toronto market, it seems cocky, arrogant, and spiteful:



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  1. Joe Q. says:

    David — I concur with the others about egg cartons for soundproofing.

    I’m not sure there’s much of a code for downspout outlets except for “don’t aim them down the storm sewers”. Since the government mandated downspout disconnections, you see all kinds of crazy schemes to get water away from houses.

    1. Izzy Bedibida says:

      I have seen many intesting gutter solutions as well in my old neighborhood. Usually all are home made solutions done as an afterthought. Unfortunately, these solutions are not to code and will increase chances of water damage and slipping hazards in winter with frozen walkways and ice plugged drain pipes.

  2. Gypsy says:

    There is a sub prime mortgage lender imploding in the style of Country Wide Financial in US in 2008, complete with liar NINJA loans. All you can come up with it these silly photos. Did you say that you have a B Com from Western. Sad.

    1. Chris says:

      I’m also a little surprised today’s post wasn’t regarding the absolute collapse of Home Capital Group, and Equitable Group following them down the tubes. Maybe it’s waiting in the wings for Monday’s post.

    2. Alexander says:

      Rather important development for sure.

  3. Grasshopper says:

    I’m sensing an egg theme.

    The egg cartons are for soundproofing. The shape really absorbs sound well. If you look at professional soundproofing foam it actually does resemble egg cartons.

    And I’ll concur with those who have said that those are pickled eggs (which don’t require refrigeration if they are unopened and sealed), not deviled eggs.

  4. Anonymoose says:

    Please tell me you purposely took that last photo so it read “Stuart W. ass”. Great work!

  5. hoob says:

    You do not need to refrigerate deviled eggs.

    1. hoob says:

      And those are pickled eggs, not deviled eggs.

      1. M says:

        And pickled eggs don’t need to be refrigerated.

  6. Johnder says:

    Egg cartons = looks like they tried to set up a sound recording studio. Happy Friday. 🙂