I’ve given my landlord 60 days notice but now I want to stay. Can I legally withdraw my notice and stay in my unit?

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Hi David, 

I’ve given my landlord (a bachelor suite) the 2-months notice as I got a job elsewhere and she listed the unit. Now that I’ve started the job I hate my new role and since I haven’t found a new lease I was wondering if I could legally withdraw my notice and stay put?


Hi Ryan,

From a legal standpoint, there’s nothing you can do in terms of “withdrawing” your notice, so long as it was signed off on by both you and the landlord.

But there’s nothing to stop you from contacting the landlord and working something out.

You mentioned the unit is “listed” but is that for sale, or for lease?  If it’s for sale, then I would assume this is the path he or she wanted to take, and you probably won’t be able to sway them.  If it’s for lease, and they’re looking for a tenant, then your reemergence is perfect!  Go make a deal!



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