Should I Join Twitter?

Tweet me, please.

I need to be tweeted.  Because I am a……um……twit?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the twerminology.  But at the risk of L-O-L’ing at your office chair, watch the video I’ve posted below…


I’m eating almonds at my desk.

I’m going to get a glass of water.

I’m wondering who is prettier: Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba…

THIS is what Twitter is all about, isn’t it?


There are several people at my office who have absolutely no inner monologue.

These people talk out loud, all the time!

“Gawsh, I’m so tired today!” (no response)

“I think I’m gonna view a few properties this afternoon.” (no response)

“What should I have for dinner tonight?” (no response)

I’ve learned to tune it out, but it doesn’t stop these people from constantly sharing their thoughts with nobody in particular!

And then along came Twitter!

Twitter is perfect for these people!  Now they can share their useless thoughts with other people who might actually listen!

Forgive my cynicism.

I just don’t understand Twitter.

Who wants to be constantly updated with the mundane trials and tribulations of a stranger’s life?  I understand if a celebrity is on Twitter.  If Brad Pitt updates people with such tidbits as, “Just shared orange juice with Angelina,” then clearly this is information we need to know!

But as a “nobody,” does the public really want to know what I’m doing?

I’ve been told by the “tech-savvy” Realtors in my office that joining Twitter is a MUST for anybody in the industry.  Supposedly, there is a demand out there for constant updates about the minutiae that goes on in my life.

One agent in my office simply swears by Twitter, and communicates with high-profile Toronto politicians by tweeting them.  At our meeting last week while talking about the Green Energy Bill, he said, “Bob and I tweet eachother daily.”  Oh, don’t be modest….I’m sure you guys do more than just tweet eachother…

Nevertheless, I’m told that I have to get on Twitter NOW!  It will raise my social profile and thus provide me with more exposure as a Realtor!

People can “follow” me on Twitter, and as I provide various updates such as, “Just rolled up the rim and got a free Tim Horton’s coffee,” all of my loyal followers can experience the excitement that comes from winning a $1.49 prize!

Or maybe something more important happened, like, umm….uh…..I tied my shoes!

Just Tied My Shoes! 

Now THAT is something people simply need to know!

Soooo….basically, the status-updates on Facebook, such as “MIKE IS: wonderin whut up wit Brad’s bitty” have morphed into a entirely separate website called Twitter?

Yes, micro-blogging is finally here, and the world is a much better place because of it!

I recommend all of you watch the following video:


It sums up the Twitter phenomenon perfectly.

It’s safe for work, or “SFW,” and I guarantee you’ll LOL, perhaps causing you to write “LMAO” as u fwd 2 ur frnds.

If you’re a fan of Twitter, then perhaps I’m a twit or a nit-wit myself…

colon right bracket


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  1. Chris Fyvie says:

    I’ve been focused on my Twitter account for about a month now. I highly recommend getting in now, before everyone else does. I’ve had a few leads from it that have panned out already.

  2. Chris Fyvie says:

    I’ve been focused on my Twitter account for about a month now. I highly recommend getting in now, before everyone else does. I’ve had a few leads from it that have panned out already.

  3. IanC says:

    Twitter is not that bad.

    I have twatted myself, now and then.

  4. Riley says:

    I first heard about Twitter on CNN… the announcers tell their viewers to message them on Twitter…. in my opinion, the terminology (tweet, twit, twittering etc) is idiotic… sounds like it’s for morons….

  5. fidel says:

    ICQ is still all the rage!

    But I don’t get twitter. Sorry, I don’t need a play by play of you watching your kids like it’s the Super Bowl or something. Do you want me to update my status every time I slam the hammer? I didn’t think so…

  6. Patrick Parkhurst says:

    I remember when ICQ was all the rage. It was cool because it was such a novel concept at the time. Then MSN came along and trumped ICQ. At that point people decided it was fun to share useless information on a frequent basis, and in the process become very lazy in their typing skills by using mindless acronyms like LOL and OTFL. Then came emoticons, if that is even a word. I made the decision at a certain point to stop using MSN because it was so stupid. Then came Facebook, which I am pleased to say I have never seen (also surprisingly convinced my wife to never use it). This Twitter is just the next step in the evolution of sharing useless information.
    Great article. Also the video is hilarious.

  7. Damir says:

    I just read Dave’s blog. It was subpar. He must’ve been worried about the sharks underneath his chair and thought to write about trivialities. Twitter is for losers. Looking forward to tomorrow’s edition

  8. Duncan says:

    Perfectly put!