Hot House of the Week: 209 George Street

Welcome to Kingsway South!

Beautiful custom home that was built by R.H Carter W.

Now, custom homes aren’t for everybody.

Most people would want to add their own personal touches to the space.

In my opinion, this house is pretty cool.

Great finishes through-out the whole house.

Check out the green staircase wall!

Let’s take a look!

Price: $1,748,000

Taxes: $6,465.95/2017

Bedrooms: 2+1

Bathrooms: 3

Lot Size: 33.33 x 100 Feet

Parking: 5

Offers: Any time

MLS: CW3911760

W3911760 W3911760_2 W3911760_3 W3911760_4 W3911760_5 W3911760_6 W3911760_7 W3911760_8 W3911760_9 W3911760_10 W3911760_11 W3911760_12 W3911760_13 W3911760_14 W3911760_15 W3911760_16 W3911760_17 W3911760_18 W3911760_19 W3911760_20

What do you think about of Hot House of the Week? Yay or Nay?


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  1. DJL says:

    Without a floor plan I’m not really clear on the layout, but I can’t help wonder about the potential as a live/work space.

  2. LarryD says:

    I’d be suspicious of the size and utility of the bedrooms. The photos only show one (presumably the master) with an actual bed in it. I assume the room with a minuscule desk (and Eiffel Tower picture) is considered a bedroom, as is the room with no furniture (but a great view of the next door neighbour’s brickwork). At nearly $1.5m for a semi in that area, I’d vote “nay.”

    1. Free Country says:

      I would agree with Larry D. $1.5 million is too much for a semi, in Riverdale or anywhere else.