More MLS Musings!

I’ve seen a lot of really odd listings this summer, and I keep saving these photos for the proverbial rainy day.

If that day was purple, pink, green, yellow, and puke-orange, then that day would be today.

Folks, I understand that styles come and go, and the “in” colours will change like the wind, but my God are there some wacky choices for carpets, paint, kitchen cabinets, and toilets.  Yes, funky toilets.

Call this the “colourful edition” of our MLS Musings feature on Toronto Realty Blog…

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So many colours, soooooo many colours!

Where do we begin?

I feel like the legendary Bob Ross when I say, “Let’s start out with a beautiful………pink.”

We have all the colours of the rainbow to show off in these really awful MLS photos, so let’s start out with something bright!

Here’s an older condo, probably early 1980’s (guessing Waterfront, are you?) with what looks like original pink carpet.  Definitely waterfront.  How do you know?  Look at the sun pouring through the window and the shadow it leaves!



This one is in a house, although judging from the condition, I’d probably rather live in the condo above.

This is a slightly darker pink, but of the shag variety:



This isn’t so much of a pink as much as a dirty crimson-burgundy-brown mix, but I believe it still fits into the same family.

Plus, this one has two sets of moose antlers, which is always an advantage when highlighting the most important features of a home…



Now we get into the greens.

Bob Ross likes “sap green,” and I honestly had never heard of that colour until I started watching his Netflix show.

When we re-painted our family home by hand in 1996, my Dad picked a colour called “Midnight Train” for the dining room, which was a dark green.  “In the 1950’s, every dining room was dark green,” he told us.  Great.  But this was 1996.  I never stopped to question him, however…

At least these folks matched the walls to the carpet, right?


Oh – and they ran that carpet all the way out into the living room as well…



There’s simply no excuse for this one.

This is a bathroom in a condo, early 2000’s, with awful paint colour.

If you’re going to sell, and you want to expose the unit to the highest percentage of buyers possible, spend $400 and get that bathroom painted…



There’s also no excuse for this sink.

It’s not cool.  It was never cool.  It’s just weird and ugly.

It belongs in the bathroom of a restaurant.



But then you see what some people to do green bathrooms, and suddenly a sink is the least of your worries…



The interesting thing about this lime-green kitchen below, is that they’ve updated the appliances with stainless steel.

Is it possible that they did this renovation in the past 4-5 years, and intentionally picked lime-green for the cabinets?



Sometimes, a room has too many similar colours happening at once.

Like this room below, with a light purple, pink, orange, light brown, and God knows what else.  But judging from the TV set, and the home phone, you know that the owner is in no position to redecorate…



Did you ever have a black toilet, growing up in the 80’s?

I did.

But I never had a dark green one.

Actually, this toilet below is more of a mid-green, and it’s been artistically photographed by somebody trying to show off the hand-towel in the foreground…


….don’t forget about the sink though.

You can see the gold handles in the photo above, just screaming out, “You need a shot of the sink too!”

These guys did not disappoint…



How about some blues?

And I don’t mean the music – I mean the really awful teal-mixed-with-turquoise that doesn’t actually exist, and yet seems to in the photo below.

Once again, they’ve “updated” this kitchen with a stainless steel stove.  And, might I say, the paper-towel holder looks new…W3483203_5

And last but not least, just because your house is new, and actually very nice, doesn’t mean you can’t make it look really weird, by installing yellow lights throughout, turning them all on, waiting for twilight, and taking a photo like this one to be the feature photo on your MLS listing…


Folks, I think next week is going to be really busy.

We have a pool going in my office – how many downtown condo listings, in C01 and C08, listed on Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri?

My guess was 233, but I should have kept it under 200.

In any event, every location, every property type, and every price point is going to see inventory starting next week, so if you’re a buyer that was frustrated by the slow summer, you’ll be pleased by next week’s activity.

And for all the active buyers out there, remember: the fall market goes by fast.

The spring market is six months – January through the end of June.  The fall market is half as long, running from September through the start of December.

Fingers crossed you hit the ground running next week.

Have a great long weekend, everybody!


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