I sold my house unconditional. Buyer wants to buy furniture and has emailed me directly asking about the condition of the house. The house hasn’t closed yet, should I just ignore the email?

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Hi David,

I sold my house and sold some furniture to the new buyer. During the furniture sale process, we ended up exchanging emails for payment purposes. The buyer has since emailed me a bunch of questions related to the condition of the house. The sale hasn’t closed yet. The sale was no conditions and therefore no home inspection. Should I just ignore the email? Direct it to my Realtor? Something else? Thanks!



Hi Hank,

Perhaps there’s a middle ground between being accommodating and a nice guy, and completely ghosting and/or ignoring the buyer.

But this is why so many times, agents try to act as intermediaries between the buyers and sellers.  And although sometimes the buyers and sellers figure, “Why do we need this game of broken telephone, let’s just speak directly,” there are issues like the one you’re experiencing that arise.

I would advise my sellers not to speak to the buyers about the home, and advise my sellers that if asked, they should respond kindly to the buyer, “Please direct your question to your buyer-agent, who can speak to my agent.”

You can answer the furniture questions, and simply defer to your representative for the other questions.


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