More MLS Musings!

Well that was an interesting discussion, wasn’t it?

Wednesday’s blog post produced 130+ comments, and the conversation hasn’t stopped.

To lighten things up a little bit, let’s take a look at some of the worst MLS photos from the past few weeks, this time, with a theme!


How about a theme today?

How about the word…….maybe.

In the most sarcastic, cynical, facetious way possible, I’ll use the word “maybe” to underscore just how bad the subject of each of these photos is.

Sound good?

This first photo shows us that sometimes, “less is more.”

Note where the lemons and limes, and San Pellegrino usually go, there is simply a lonley bottle of cheap white wine.

Maybe the worst staging job you’ve ever seen?


People are living in smaller and smaller spaces as our city gets more dense, and the cost of real estate continues to rise.

But small spaces don’t have to mean terrible layouts, especially when it comes to floor plans that give you the “appliance wall” kitchen, and require you to combine your living space with the kitchen.

Maybe this one is a bit too tight?  Maybe the couch is a bit too close to the stove?


More and more real estate agents are using drones to photograph their listings these days.

It’s a great way to get photos of large properties, and showcase all the external features in one shot.

But maybe an awkward-angled photo of 3/4 of the property, that shows the drone operators themselves on the roof, isn’t the right photo for MLS?


Okay, speed round…

Maybe the ugliest kitchen ever created?


Maybe this “builder” found odds-and-ends, floor model, discounted cabinetry and thought the colours could play well off each other?


Maybe four-post beds don’t go well in all bedrooms?

Maybe hiring a stager is prudent when you feel that you know what will attract buyers?


Maybe ‘some’ rooms just can’t be photographed well enough to be shown on MLS?


Maybe the photographer could have removed his bag from the counter before taking this photo?

Maybe the the owner and/or agent could have used photos newer than April of 2016?


Maybe an empty pool isn’t worth photographing?


Maybe this wasn’t the right time of day to take photos of the property?


Maybe not the right angle to photograph this house?


Maybe this one as well?


Last, but certainly not least…

Not everybody is in favour of staging.

This wall needs some artwork, the bed needs some throw pillows, and the cheap IKEA lamp in the corner of the room is misplaced.

But maybe they could have removed the red and blue, “his-and-hers” bottles of lube from the night-stand?



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  1. Frances says:

    That kitchen is godawful! Whatever possessed them to do it that way?
    The fourth last photo – maybe don’t take a photo up sun. The camera is registering the light from the sun so everything else looks dark.
    The photo from the drone – I don’t care that the operators are on the roof and visible but I am intrigued by the roof layout. I hope there were other photos shown of it.

  2. Not Harold says:


    Far more likely to be “his and his” bottles.

  3. YourGuest says:

    🤣 the wine bottle

  4. paul says:

    thats a lot of lube LOL

  5. Geoff says:

    I like the tardis-inspired colour scheme of the kitchen above

  6. Sarah says:

    The lube!!