What’s With The Crane On The L-Tower?

If you’ve asked this aloud before, you may be slightly overly-interested in Toronto real estate.

If you’ve asked this aloud before…….in a group of people, you might be obsessed with Toronto real estate.

I don’t know if real estate “gossip” is a ‘thing,’ but if it were, many people would be offering theories about this really weird crane that is still affixed to the L-Tower, three years after completion of the building…



I just Googled “L-Tower,” and the top five auto completes were:






Not a good start, am I right?

The video says it all, but just in case you need more, here’s the article I referenced:

“Flooding Forces Some Tenants At Toronto Landmark Skyscraper To Relocate”


“Merry Christmas,” now get out.

I heard a few tall tales about residents in the building and what life was like living 50-something stories up, and having no elevator for a day.  Imagine being trapped in your own home?

Another article, this one from 2015:

“Delays Pile Up at Toronto’s Iconic L Tower Condo Despite Six Years of Construction”

Leaks in the ceiling, an incomplete lobby, a broken front door, frequent fire alarms, power outages, elevator shut-downs, and amenities that aren’t finished.  This is old news to many of you.

There’s even a note about complaints to the Ontario Ministry of Labour about safety concerns, and the corresponding stopped work order.

As for the crane, not to be confused with the “derrick,” it too was left in place way too long.

Here’s a 2016 article about the crane, and the building being 18-months behind schedule:

“L Tower Crane To Remain Until Spring, Construction 18 Months Behind, Developer Says”

Even incidents that have nothing to do with real estate, or the running of a condominium, made headlines at the L-Tower.

HERE is a story about a raccoon that climbed 58-storeys up the L-Tower’s crane, and the corresponding photo from the crane-operator went viral!

I’m not trying to pick on this building.  To be fair, delays are common, if not expected with Toronto condominiums these days.  The L-Tower was delayed as long as dozens of other condos in the city.

But the crane and ‘derrick’ continue to live in Toronto real estate infamy.

And the problems in the building, past and present, continue to raise eyebrows.


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  1. Condodweller says:

    One building I bought in, the occupancy date of all the units where the construction elevator was attached was delayed until the elevator/scaffolding was removed and the units could be completed. If that crane of the L tower was used as the construction elevator I wonder if those poor souls still haven’t been able to take possession of their units. In my building, it was a benefit as the building was registered at about the same time, therefore, those affected either didn’t have to pay occupancy fees or if they did it was for a month or two depending on what floor the unit was on.

    These are the things one just cannot anticipate when they buy preconstruction. Sales probably started prior to 2010 if it was completed by 1015. If they were a first-time buyer can you imagine waiting almost 10 years to move in? On the other hand, if they already had a unit and waited to sell until they could move in they were well compensated while both places appreciated handsomely.

  2. Tommy says:

    Hahaha very interesting. That really is bizarre.