Condos In The S.L.M. – Part Two

I’m sure many buyers wouldn’t like to be living in a building lumped in the “OTHER” category, but as I said yesterday – this isn’t necessarily an indication of the building’s worth.

Here are seven more condos in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood that for various reasons aren’t nearly as popular as the condos I wrote about yesterday. 

Some of these only have 1-2 units come up for sale in a year, while some have dozens for sale but just aren’t as nice a locale to call “Home”…


313 – 323 Richmond Street

I see more properties come up for sale in this building than any other in the St. Lawrence Market area.  Why?  Well, it comes down to the sheer supply of units available at 313 – 323 Richmond Street since there are about 510 total units between the two adjoined buildings.

Built by Tridel in 2000, this 14-storey building sits on the southeast corner of Richmond/Sherbourne and marks the boundary of what I would still call the SLM “neighbourhood.”

Prices here are much lower than in King’s Court, Mozo, or Rezen which are literally one city block south, but the proximity to Moss Park and the surrounding shelters and missions are what concerns residents and buyers at 313-323 Richmond Street.

This building offers “entry level” to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, although prices have risen substantially in the past year.

“The Modern” is being built directly across the street so residents with a great north-facing view will soon have an obstruction – not to mention two years’ worth of jackhammering.

109 Front Street

“New Times Square” is as close to the Market as you can get, since this building is located directly across the street on the southeast corner of Jarvis and Front Street.

This is one of the oldest “new” buildings in the area – if that makes any sense.  Built in 1998, New Times Square ushered in a new era for condominiums in the SLM neighbourhood and paved the way for 39 Jarvis Street, 168 King Street, and the rest… 

There are 375 units in the building which rises thirteen stories and encompasses a whole block of Front Street from Jarvis down to George.

Many of these units are tired and need to be renovated, and there is a higher-than-average proportion of renters in the building.

Despite the fantastic location, the building doesn’t command big money.  It’s not a very striking building from the outside, and the interior is dated – not to mention the units are very tired.  And when you do get a new listing for a beautiful, renovated unit, buyers might not see it since they’ve already decided that the building is too “old.”

I still think the building offers great value for buyers and renters alike.

80 Front Street and 35 Church Street

“Market Square” is comprised of two twin buildings at 80 Front Street and 35 Church Street.  Each measures eight stories in height and is home to approximately 140 units.

These are among the first condominiums in the SLM area and were built in the early 1980’s.  Keeping with the early-80’s theme, they have substantial amenities including squash courts and an indoor pool.  The 8,000 square foot rooftop terrace is a great touch as it overlooks the water and has BBQ’s, lounge chairs, and a gazebo for entertaining.

Like many older buildings in the area, units at Market Square can be quite tired and in need of a complete renovation, but as recent as last weekend I found myself inside a 1200 square foot unit listed at $479,000 and every inch of the place had been renovated with modern flair.  I had to pick my jaw up off the floor, and both my client and I learned that old can be new once again.

255 Richmond Street

“Space Condos” is a 16-storey, 227 unit building in between Sherbourne and Jarvis on the south side of Richmond.

Built in 2004, the developers wanted to capitalize on the popular fad of 2-storey units, and thus the first eight floors are dedicated to these “soft lofts” with 18-foot ceilings where the bedroom overlooks the living room below.

Just like 313-323 Richmond Street, I consider this to be “entry level” to the SLM area, and I’ve had clients that started out at Space Condos and eventually moved to Rezen and King George Square.

180 Frederick Street

This is a true “hard loft” building on King Street @ Frederick.

Only four stories and about 25 – 30 units, it has never been a big seller or an easy sell by any stretch.

The hard loft features are gorgeous – large windows, posts and beams, 12-foot ceilings, and more, but the one drawback I find is the lack of outdoor space; not even a Juliette balcony!

I love the location and I love the space, so I question why these units take so long to sell! 

311 Richmond Street

This is a very quaint 10-storey, 150 unit building that most people don’t even know exists!

I only see 3-4 listings come out in this building each year, and I am completely indifferent to it.  The location isn’t great – right next door to 313-323 Richmond and thus on the outskirts of the SLM are and a block from Moss Park.

So what is in store for tomorrow?

Well as I keep listing off the condos in the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, I begin to realize how many more there are than I previously thought!

I don’t want to leave a single stone unturned, so this will spill into a third and final post when I’ll look at some of the most obscure condos in the area.

There is also a lot of development going on, so we’ll have to look at Vu, Market Wharf, and King East Lofts among others…


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  1. CB says:

    I wanted to put a word in for 109 Front St. E. We are renters from the US. We had to find an apartment in a few days, and didn’t have a clue about neighbourhoods. We had rented a couple of AirBnB downtown apartments. We feel lucky to have found this building. The cost is reasonable based on the Boston prices we are used to, and having hydro and heat included is an amazing plus. We are older, but my husband works in Canada part time. We have work permits, so it may not make sense to buy. We’ve been real estate investors, and live on site flippers for decades, as a passion.

    Sorry for the long story: We rented a two bed, two bath, w/d ensuite, large windows that are southern exposure (this was critical to me), a sliver of a balcony, that overlooks the courtyard. We are in the first built section. The kitchen is original and worn. The carpets in the bedrooms are worn. We painted the unit before we moved in, and if I hadn’t been in such a rush, I would have replaced the carpeting. What works: The building seems middle class to me, until I see the nice cars coming out of the parking garage. People of all ages live here. I’ve met many people who have lived here since the building was built, and now their kids live here, too. The lobby may be dated, and that may bother some people. But the things that will wear you down are these, and they are great: I’ve not heard any neighbours, and they say they don’t hear us. The elevators work really well. The water pressure is great, and hot water is good. Trash and recycling is easy, and it’s great to have a parking space and small storage unit. The location is amazing. There is street noise from The Gardiner and Jarvis, that’s about the only negative. We are watching the two towers being built near Sugar Beach, and they may blot out the sun, but we are renting… We can move, or buy here.

  2. earth mother says:

    The feature that really impresses me is that none of these condo buildings is a giant tower … unlike the massive skyscrapers we find in other areas… I personally don’t see the appeal of living on the 50th floor or higher, despite a great view….