Would You Live Next To The Highway?

I don’t mean near the highway, I mean right smack-dab next to the 401.

“Everybody’s gotta live somewhere,” goes the saying, and it’s no surprise that the vacancy rates in Toronto area near all-time lows.

Take a look at the video I shot last week…

I’m sure we could come up with a list of 15-20 people, places, or venues that we wouldn’t want to live next to, but let’s take it one at a time.

There are thousands upon thousands of condominium units in the downtown core that are right next to the Gardiner Expressway, and many of them overlook it and bring the noise into your living room.

When it comes to houses or townhouses and you’re actually on the ground, I consider the situation to be a little different.

I’m willing to (slightly) overlook the proximity to an ugly, noisy highway when I’m on the 42nd floor of a city condo, but I don’t think I’d like to own a house on Sandringham Drive or Yonge Boulevard as pictured below:


The townhouses on Kenaston Gardens that were in the video are very nice properties and are in a great neighbourhood, but can you overlook the townhouses on the south end of the street that are right next to that massive green sound-barrier?

I can’t.

Of all the sacrifices you can make with respect to your home, location has many, many different kinds of “sacrifice.”

I might look at a different neighborhood or a different street, but I wouldn’t live next to a garbage dump and I wouldn’t live eighteen feet from Highway-401.


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  1. BVRxl says:

    If were talking about a 200 grand discount on that propety then ya id live there no questions asked. You gotta think about the monthly carrying cost ie. the cost of living and not just how much your gonna make on the sale of your townhouse down the road.

  2. anonymouscoward says:

    There are also health considerations from all the pollutants in motor vehicle exhaust. If you live within 500 feet of a major road/highway, you are at greater risk of having asthma and it can also affect lung development in kids – among other things.