Take The Stairs…

I live at 230 King Street.

My buyer-clients live at 230 King Street.

The condo we were offering on is at 230 King Street.

Last night was quite an adventure.  And apparently there was a hockey game on?


Nobody has been championing the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood during the past three years as much as I have.

I’ve always felt that this area is extremely undervalued when compared to other areas of the city.

Last week, there were three condos listed in my building here at King’s Court.

Combined offers on the three condos this week: 37.

I live on the 2nd floor.

My buyers live on the 4th floor

The seller lives on the 3rd floor.

I banged up my knee at hockey a week ago and I’m out for the season, but last night, I sure got my exercise on those stairs!

6:45PM – Get home, drop my laptop, gym bag, and coat off in my condo on the 2nd floor.

6:50PM – Take the stairs up to Nancy & Tony’s condo on the 4th floor.  They sign the offer, and I go on my merry way.

7:00PM – Take the stairs down to the Seller’s condo on the 3rd floor.  I knock on the door, and they tell me kindly to come back as somebody else is presenting.  I tell them that I live on the 2nd floor so they can call me on my cell when it’s my turn to present.

7:05PM – Take the stairs down to my 2nd floor condo and sit down on my couch.  I don’t take off my suit because my day isn’t over yet, and I don’t start making my dinner because I think I’m going to be presenting my offer soon.

7:30PM – Team Canada takes to the ice.  I wish I would have presented my offer already!

7:45PM – “The Game” begins.  I turn on my stove and my rice begins to boil; my fish begins to sear.

7:49PM – Getzlaf scores.  Canada 1, Russia 0.

7:59PM – Danny Boyle!  Canada 2, Russia 0.

8:01PM – Nasher on a break-away!  Canada 3, Russia 0.

8:05PM – My phone rings.  It’s the listing agent and it’s my turn to present.  Of course this couldn’t wait until intermission.  I turn off my stove.

8:06PM – I take the stairs up to the 3rd floor and knock on the door.  I present my offer and watch the seller’s eyes for a reaction to the price.  There is none.  I have no clue if our offer is good enough.

8:12PM – I take the stairs back down to the 2nd floor and rush into my condo to see that Russia scored.  What?  I was only gone a few minutes!  Canada 3, Russia 1.

8:15PM – My dinner tastes like it took way too long to cook on absolutely the wrong temperature.

8:20PM – My phone rings, my heart skips a beat.  Damn.  It’s just my colleague asking, “Did you get it?”  She adds, “Go Canada!”

8:21PM – Morrow with an awful goal, but we’ll take it!  Canada 4, Russia 1.

8:30PM – My phone rings.  The listing agent tells me that all the offers are close, and they’ll give everybody a half hour to ‘do as they please.’

8:31PM – I call my clients and tell them I’m coming up to see them.

8:32PM – I take the stairs up to the 4th floor to get my offer from the Seller.  I realize I’m on the wrong floor.

8:33PM – I take the stairs down to the 3rd floor and get my offer from the Seller.

8:34PM – I take the stairs up to the 4th floor and meet my clients.  We debate and discuss.  They argue.  She smiles.  He caves.  We improve our offer.  Nancy 1, Tony 0.

9:00PM – I take the stairs down to the 3rd floor and re-present my offer to the Sellers.

9:05PM – I take the stairs down to the 2nd floor and step inside my condo.  What the……Six-Two, Canada?  How long have I been gone?  Canada 6, Russia 2.

9:20PM – My phone rings, I mute my TV.  The listing agent tells me that our offer is “looking good,” but can we change the closing date?  Of course we can!  Did we get it?  Looks like!  Corey Perry scores a goal while I’m not watching.  Figures.  Canada 7, Russia 2.

9:25PM – I call my clients and tell them I’m coming up to see them.  Gonchar scores while I’m on the phone.  Why am I missing every goal?  Canada 7, Russia 3.

9:30PM – I take the stairs up to the 3rd floor to get the offer from the Seller.

9:31PM – I take the stairs up to the 4th floor and get Nancy & Tony to initial the change for the closing date.  They are both in shock and awe as they just bought a condo!  Nancy & Tony 1, Market 0.

9:35PM – I take the stairs up to the 5th floor and realize that for the second time tonight, I’ve lost track of where I am in the building.  I’m a sweaty mess.

9:40PM – I take the stairs down to the 3rd floor and hand over our initialed copy of the final offer.  We all exchange hand-shakes and congratulations, and I wipe sweat from my brow.

9:45PM – I take enter the stairwell and stop.  Think.  Where the hell am I?  Where am I going?  Oh yeah.  Home.  I take the stairs down to the 2nd floor and enter my condo.

9:51PM – The final buzzer sounds.  Canada 7, Russia 3.

I suppose it could have been worse.

What if I didn’t live in the building?

What if my clients didn’t live in the building?

What if the seller didn’t live in the building?

I could have been sitting in my car (hahaha I just realized – like Monday night!) making call after call, and driving back and forth between buyer and seller; all the while, not catching a single moment of the hockey game.

It was a very interesting night, and I got a lot of exercise on those stairs!

My buyers got their condo, and thirty-four-million Canadians got the victory they so badly needed!

So how ’bout them bobsledders, eh?


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  1. Destructicus says:

    I predict Canada will own the Gold portion of the podium. The Americans can have more losers for all I care, cause if you ain’t first you’re last (unless your name is Joannie Rochette in 2010).

  2. earth mother says:

    Dave you’ve outdone yourself with this post! I was laughing over my coffee — I can just picture you in an expensive suit running up & down stairs, making dinner, checking the hockey score, meeting with buyers & sellers…all in one building! Makes for a great story, especially since everyone went home happy (except the Russians!)

  3. David Fleming says:

    @ JasonD

    Umm, yeah. Canada is going to win gold.

    They’ll beat Slovakia 5-2 and then in a rematch with the US, they’ll win 3-1.

  4. JasonD says:

    You predicted that Canada would own the podium. I think you’ll be wrong on that one. Any prediction for the hockey?