“Sagewood Sub-Division”

How about Sagewood Estates?  Would that have sold more homes?

Or how about Sagewood Mews?  Even that sounds better…

On Ski Hill Road, there is a sub-division with five houses and room for another seventy.  It is my opinion that there will never be any more houses on the land that was supposed to contain the rest of the sub-division.

I feel bad for those five residents that live there now…

Don’t worry – folks down here in Idaho aren’t concerned with that whole “driving while operating a running camcorder” thing that is frowned upon in Toronto…

Perhaps it’s a bit of an oxymoron, but this sub-division is a sad piece of beauty.

Houses down here are absolutely gorgeous.  Idaho developers have likely never heard of “stucco,” which Toronto builders practically spread on their toast in the morning.

But no matter how beautiful the house is, both inside and out, you have to look at what is around the house.  In this case, it’s nothing.

I mean, if somebody built your dream home free of charge, but it was located on the moon, I think it goes without saying that the isolation might get to you eventually…

The “Sagewood” neighbourhood will never be a neighbourhood; at least not in the next 15-20 years.  Those five houses have been there for a couple of years now, and the rest of the land is likely in receivership as the original developer has run out of money.

As much as I complain about the state of the condominium development industry in Toronto, perhaps we take it for granted.  Imagine buying into a condominium of thirty storeys, and finding out that floors 7 through 30 will just be a vacant shell.  Imagine living on a floor with twenty units, and knowing that you and your neighbour, Bob, are the only two people that will ever live on that floor, as the other eighteen units are incomplete and don’t even have front doors.

I truly was chased out of the area last week during my first attempt to film this video blog.  I guess the residents are afraid of people “messin’ ’round town,” but I think they’ve just learned to be a bid guarded when it comes to anything to do with their homes.

Forget price for a second, and consider all things equal.  Pretend that the prices of these homes haven’t plumeted, and just consider how the residents feel about their “homes.”

They were likley shown beautiful artists’ renderings of the grand plan for the neighbourhood, and they bought their homes assuming that there wouldn’t be a giant field of dirt outside their doors for the next two decades!

But the worst part about this story is that for every Sagewood Subdivision in Idaho, or in any state in the midwestern United States for that matter, there are hundreds and hundreds more just like it…


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  1. Justin says:

    This looks like a dream to me. Subdivisions are the most horrible, depressing, soul deprived, privacy lacking hellscapes imaginable – A gigantic horizontal pseudo apartment building with windows facing directly into your bloated suite for all your neighbors to observe your life.

    Plant a bunch of trees here, and this is paradise. Personally I think these are the luckiest homeowners on earth.

  2. Geoff says:


    ‘cough’ oshawa ‘cough’

  3. Geoff says:

    “I mean, if somebody built your dream home free of charge, but it was located on the moon, I think it goes without saying that the isolation might get to you eventually…”


  4. calico cate says:

    BUT, on the other hand, how lucky are these homeowners. There aren’t any houses sitting in front of them, ruining the view of the mountains. No cars/trucks/motorbikes screeching up and down the streets.

    Sweet peace and quiet in every direction. As Martha might say, it’s a good thing.

  5. dogbiskit says:

    LOL at the filming and driving! This display of impunity reminds me of driving over the NH border not wearing seatbelts and doing that whole Live Free or Die thing, or the time I was walking around Main Street, Small Town, USA with a shotgun strapped on my back and nobody batted an eyelash. Funny how this type of behavior is a non-issue but would land one in deep hot water here in Toronto.

    “Sad beauty” is a great description; however, I suspect that the xenophobes who chased you off the subdivision have fully adapted to the sparsity and would not welcome further development of this site.

    A long while back I watched a news program on real estate in Florida and they featured a condo owner who was the only tenant (or maybe it was one in a handful) in a tall condo. It was almost unbelievable and creepy to say the least.

  6. Marz says:

    On the bright side, they have plenty of space to grow potatoes. 😛 jk

    The neighborhood actually looked great until you turned the camera to the right to see the cut-off road and horrible landscaping…

  7. LC says:

    Are you kidding? Look at those views! If I owned one of those houses, I’d prefer to have “nothing” around me and just see miles and miles of gorgeous mountains and nature! Who needs 70 more neighbours to ruin the peaceful serenty?