“Huntsman Springs”

This was probably the most amazing golf course I’ve ever played.

It was truly world-class in every way, and the scenery couldn’t be beat.

But it should come as no surprise that the area is surrounded by unsold houses, and the entire venture is a failure waiting to happen, if you don’t believe that it’s already failed… 

I consider myself a decent golfer.

I’m not on a handicapping system, but let’s say that on your “average” par-72 course, I’ll shoot between 82 – 86.

Huntsman Springs was the most challenging course I’ve ever played in my life.  The grass on the fairway was in impeccable condition – like somebody washed every blade of grass individually.  It was target golf at its finest.  Imagine teeing off on a 550-yard par-5 with your five-iron!  On this course – you had no choice.  The course determined what golf club you hit, and with 153 bunkers and water playing into 17 of the 18 holes, you had to consider course management.  And if you’re not a golfer, well, then you have already skipped ahead to the next paragraph…

This is a “private” club, but I was allowed to play for a paltry sum of $150 U.S; a one-time offer that I can’t re-use.



With the economy the way it is, I think they have a better chance of opening this course to the public than they do closing it to “guests” like me.

In the video, I mentioned that they have sold three houses of the 20-30 that are built.

Yesterday, I talked to a real estate agent here in Driggs and she laughed; she said they haven’t sold any!

In fact, they’re now offering a special “deal” to entice buyers.

The developer has stipulated that for a period of ninety days after the initial purchase, he’ll buy back the house at the exact same price that was paid for it (not including soft costs, of course).

What kind of a deal is that?

Does that make you feel good?  Or does that worry you?

My cynical side thinks that there will be 200-pages of fine print and escape clauses on the developer’s behalf, but I digress…

The golf course was designed by David McLay Kidd, who is a “name” in the world of of golf course design.

But is this golf course enough to sell an entire development with potentially hundreds of houses?

Is it enough to sell memberships for the “discounted” price of $25,000?

Time will tell.

And I can almost guarantee that I’ll be back next year as a “guest”…

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  1. aguduser says:

    David, how much are the houses sold for, each?