The Ford Era

It’s 8:08PM and they’ve already called the election!

That didn’t take long!

See the photo below – my cards are on the table.

I’d love to hear from everybody else.  Just remember that your comments are anonymous, unless “MONKEYLOVER82” is your real name…


Wow, this would be a bad night to be at The Guvernment!

Sorry George, tonight’s just not your night!

Sandra Bussin and Maria Augimeri were defeated as well?  Long live the RIGHT!!

Paula Fletcher is only leading by 60 votes over the girl from CityTV!  Imagine a Fletcher-less Toronto!

Well, it’s official, folks – this guy is our mayor:


I’m taking a page out of the Toronto Star; I posted the very worst photo I could find of Rob Ford.

Except unlike the leftist Toronto Star, I’m not putting up a bad photo of Ford in attempts to condemn him, but rather to show how little I care about who the person is, what they look like, how they act, and how much pot they smoke in Florida – so long as we get what we want!

What can I say?  I’m a young, middle-class, professional and I don’t like David Miller, so it goes without saying that I should like Rob Ford.

I don’t trust George Smitherman, and I don’t like what few ideas he has actually put forth in his slim platform.

Rob Ford is a fat, obnoxious, outspoken, loud-mouth.

I’m not fat, but you might make an argument that Rob and I have a few things in common…

I really don’t care that he smoked marijuana in Florida.  In fact, who hasn’t smoked marijauna?  Seriously – I’m asking!  I think we could all agree that the number of people who have smoked marijuana in Canada exceeds the number of people who haven’t, so I find it somewhat humourous and yet pathetic when issues like this are brought into political smear campaigns.

Sure, George Smitherman is more clean-cut, but I think it just means he’s a better politician.  He hides his true colours well, whereas Rob Ford probably eats his true colours and then drinks straight from a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot

But Rob Ford will be better for our city in the next four years, at least in my opinion.

It’s hard to argue who will be “better,” since we all have different agendas.  We all come from different places and spend our time in this city differently, and for my wants and needs – Rob Ford is the man.

It’s time for Big Rob to celebrate!  Party like it’s 1999!

Maybe take a page out of Ke$ha’s book and tear it up like she does in her soon-to-be hit song “We R Who We R,” which will ultimately rank her somewhere between the genius of The Beatles and that of U2:

“Tonight we’re going hard
Just like the world is ours
We’re tearin’ it apart
You know we’re superstars
We are who we are!”

Wow, I’m speechless.  That’s just pure poetry!  It almost rivals her song “Blah Blah Blah.” 

Ke$ha – you are almost as talented as Rob Ford, but not quite as classy.

Well, despite my overwhelmingly sarcastic nature in this post, I would love to see a discussion on Tuesday about the election, the candidates, and the future of our city.


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  1. Princess Clara says:

    Pipes for mayor!

  2. Joe says:

    David why don’t YOU just run for mayor?

  3. OCD.merton says:

    Great blog. The left-wing media did everything they could to try to sway voters against Ford. The Toronto Star was basically campaign headquarters for George Smitherman. They completely lost any journalistic integrity they may have had (which was very little). Nobody mentions the fact that Rob Ford never once resorted to insults or negative campaigning, despite being belittled (fat, unintelligent) by the media (Star, NOW magazine, even the Globe) and fellow candidates (see Sarah Thompson). He took the high road, and now he’s the mayor!!

  4. David Fleming says:

    Nice little debate!

    One point I’d like to make here is that I was somewhat amazed by the “Anybody But Ford” campaign, when in fact, I thought the exact opposite.

    To me, it was more like “Anybody But Smitherman.”

    I voted for Rob Ford based on a lack of other options, and really nothing more.

    I was concerned that the “politician,” George Smitherman, in his expensive suit and well-manincured hands, kissing babies up and down the street, was nothing more than another silent candidate who once in power would push forward with his own, hidden, agenda.

    We have no idea what George Smitherman would have done, but I’m willing to be his changes would be radical and sweeping.

    He sat quiet through most of the campaign and debates, choosing to grill Rob Ford rather than promote his own platform.

    I recall Dalton McGuinty keeping quiet and then once in power, doing almost the exact opposite of what he promised, and when questioned about his mistruths he said, “That’s what politicians DO!”

    George was looking out for ONE person – George. He had a vision, and I don’t think he would have consulted anybody else, on anything.

    I think Rob Ford truly has no idea how hard it’s going to be to run this city, and DAVEYTHEJ points out above – he won based on this false notion that taxpayers are being screwed out of their money as politicians and government employees are bathing in gold coins.

    But at least Rob Ford promises to be transparent and accountable.

    That’s really all I want in a mayor.

    Oh – that, and less bike lanes, money for the arts, and green initiatives… 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    The Taxpayer’s Revolution…
    Yes, the same message from the US Tea Partiers…

    But the problem is that those who stand up for the Taxpayer’s Revolution seem to think that the “wasted money” is going to other people, but never to themselves…

    The reality is that we are all getting a free ride…subsidized by deficit financing…

    The Canadian deficit (all level’s of gov’t) is approx $100b this year. That is 7% of GDP. If someone supports the taxpayer’s revolution, then they should be willing to kick an extra 7% of their pretax income into their taxes…

    I agree that there are inefficiencies in gov’t, and maybe it could be trimmed from 7% to 6.5% or even 6%….
    but it is hubris to think that someone there is some Scrooge somewhere raking in the coin, while the rest of us are going without our share of tax money…

    As it happens, I support fiscal responsibility in gov’t. But I also acknowledge that politicians simply give us what we tell them we want, and so we are all collectively responsible for the gov’ts we have had.

    There is a hard rain coming. And a lot of the members of the taxpayer revolution (Tea Party and others) are in for an unpleasant surprise.

    The “devils” on Wall Street and the “spendthrifts” in gov’t? They are us.

  6. PGK says:

    David, I’m curious about your thoughts on how the removal of the land transfer tax will play out. It seems like Ford wants to wait until after the provincial election to implement it. It could be well after 2012 when it gets in.

    Do you think this could wreak havoc on the real estate market here? in the sense that potential sellers and buyers will simply stay out of the market until then?

  7. Gerrit says:

    Not a fan of Ford, but I have a hard time time condemning someone for voting for him. As you said, Smitherman didn’t seem any better.

    My fear is that Ford won’t have the respect of his colleagues and will embarass Toronto on the world stage beyond what someone like Miller (or even Mega-Mel) were capable of. I know his obnoxious personality may not affect his ability to make decisions, but will others listen? Would you respect someone like this if he was your boss?

    Watch this clip as a room full of politicians groan and act annoyed. How will he lead these types of people?

  8. LC says:

    I’m proud of the people of Toronto for soundly rejecting the heavily biased media and superstar endorsements for Smitherman. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for someone with his track record. This is the Taxpayers Revolution, heads will roll!

  9. Dave says:

    p.s. I’m a fiscal conservative. But apart from that, this guy is a buffoon. He makes Mel Lastman look like Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Buckle up.

  10. Dave says:

    Toronto now has its own George W. Bush.

  11. JG says:

    I feel it’s all well and fine to have Ford as Mayor with his big agenda’s, but the other people at city hall, as they mentioned in the past, are going to have a mutiny waiting for him.

    His wants are going to be hard to push through city hall. Now i am no savvy polictician and i do not understand all the nuances of city hall, but if the above is the case, this should prove to be quite an interesting 4 years!

  12. moonbeam! says:

    Can’t wait to not pay the $60 vehicle registration tax and the land transfer tax! what a victory for the ‘heavy-set’ people of our city! I can’t wait to watch the councillors survive on reduced budgets & pay….. what exactly do they do anyway??? Good riddance to the 15 who resigned or got voted out!!!

  13. buk says:

    it’s amazing how smitherman basically got a free pass for his role in the e-health scandal and the disaster he created as the energy minister.

  14. meow says:

    Looking forward to no more toronto land transfer tax 😉

  15. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing David! I shared your vote today… although I think we are in the minority on Facebook, Twitter etc etc

  16. Princess Clara says:

    Ke$ha for mayor!