#2: “Welcome To My Nightmare” From 9/15/2010

I’m told that Rogers TV put together a show in December where reps from Plazacorp were shown my blog video and then proceeded to defend their construction “style” by claiming that I was an uninformed investor who had no idea what I was doing.

For the record – I was asked to be on that show and I politely declined.  But the producer, with all his class and integrity, went ahead with the episode and used videos from my blog.

I’m hereby challenging him to a fight in the Octagon…



That’s what I kept thinking throughout the entire Pre Delivery Inspection.

Sochi – as in, Sochi, Russia.

Sochi, Russia – as in, the 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

The 2012 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia – as in, that is how long I have to hold this condo for to maximize my profit.

I had a bad feeling about this project, and but I had no idea how truly awful my unit would look the first time I stepped into it.

To be honest, I’m having trouble collecting my thoughts as this is now a major financial burden in my life, the weight of which has crushed me for the better part of today and has left me reeling.

So, I’m going to reserve my “opinions” for tomorrow’s post.

I’m going to write THREE blog posts on this subject, starting with photos today.

I’m afraid of what I might write if I did an opinion-piece today, so I’m going to try and cool off and tackle that tomorrow.

Then on Friday, I’ll post my video from today…..I think.  I’d better watch it again and make sure it’s not too harsh, as I’m pretty sure I swore through the whole five-minutes and I might have said that I wanted to kill the developer…

“A Picture Paints A Thousand Words

So what do you think about these:

Welcome to my tomb.

This is what you see when you first step inside the front door.  CONCRETE EVERYWHERE!  This hardly looks like the unit from the original sales centre!


So you like the “unfinished look,” do you?

Do you like your living room wall?

It looks a bit stained at the top there – some brown splotches.

Maybe that will clean out with some industrial solvents…


The worst part about the unit (and it’s hard to narrow it down…) is undoubtedly the obscene amount of exposed ducts, pipes, conduits, cords, and anything else the developer wanted to leave in place.

“Unfinished” and “Soft Loft” will conjure up images of duct work, but not pipes and conduits!


I’ve been in real estate for seven years and I have NEVER seen anything like this.

These are conduits running from the kitchen wall into the ceiling.

This development is an embarrassment to builders everywhere.


What the hell is this?


Second place in the “Most Offensive Characteristic” goes to this giant hole in the ceiling where the pipe juts out.

That is a two-inch pipe in an eight-inch hole.

I could have done better, drunk, and high on crack…


That is where the floor meets the wall.

Somebody get me some sandpaper!


This is what you get with a concrete floor.

They pour the concrete, and it turns out however it turns out.


Concrete walls, in all their beauty…


Excellent workmanship!

Crooked tiles (view the space left to right), and the threshold doesn’t even meet the track!


A view outside my window…


It was a long afternoon.

Exhausting, and frustrating belong belief. 


Give me another day to cool off.

I don’t want to get sued by Urban Corp, and I don’t want to piss them off….too much.

But tomorrow, I’ll put my thoughts into words…instead of photos…

(CLICK HERE for the original blog post from 9/15/2010 and the 37 comments from readers)

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