Sales Gimmicks at King “Plus” Condos?

Marketing gimmicks have been around for as long as print media was in fashion, but this latest gimmick for a pre-construction condo in the St. Lawrence Market is making use of a new technology – one I had never even heard of!

“Scanning”  a bar-code-like image will allow people to register for the new “King Plus Condos,” but if you ask me, I think there is a hidden intent on the part of the developer…

As I alluded to in the video, “registering” with a new condominium development is more than just putting down your name and phone number.

When you “register” with the sales office, you effectively become their client.

Unless you physically walk through the front door with your real estate agent, most new sales centres won’t allow a cooperating agent to work and be compensated on your behalf.

Some developments won’t allow it anyways!

I once walked into a (now failed) development just east of the DVP around Dundas, and the salesman told me, “We don’t cooperate with anybody, under any circumstances.”

They’re effectively saying that they plan on representing every single buyer in every single transaction, as well as representing the developer.

Purchasing in pre-construction comes with enough risks on its own, let alone if you don’t have representation.

When developers are coming up with new gimmicks to get people to “register,” it leads me to believe that this has less to do with getting their info, floor plans, and prices out to potential buyers, and more to do with cutting resale agents out of the process…


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  1. George says:

    I kind of want to go to Pita Land now.

  2. Sayf Hassan says:


    Usually agree with you. You’re wrong here. The QR code simply directs your smartphone browser to the project website. You can register and indicate you have representation. You don’t waive your right to representation simply by scanning the code or even by registering online (as long as you remember to correctly complete the “Are you working with a Realtor” field).

    QR Codes are becoming increasingly popular in Real Estate marketing. Not entirely convinced of their effectiveness as yet.

  3. Mila says:

    Exactly what nate said. The code doesn’t automatically “register” you. A website link is embedded in this code. Scanning it will just point you to that website where you can register by providing your details etc. It just makes it more convenient – you don’t have to remember the link.

  4. buk says:

    How is this any different than posting:

    All of the new development sites force you to register first.

  5. nate says:

    Just to clarify, it’s the ‘registering’ that you’re against, right? The scanning is simply a shortcut to the project’s website; I don’t see how anyone can object to it. (It’s the same as if they had printed the registration URL on the poster and you entered it into your computer — it’s just more convenient)

    As a consumer I never knew that registering meant you forfeited the right to use your own agent; I always assumed that it was just a mechanism for the developers to collect contact info so they could send you marketing materials on the development.

  6. David Fleming says:

    @ DP

    Everybody knows that I live at 230 King Street. I’ve mentioned this on my blog about a thousand times…

  7. DP says:

    I do not get the scan thing either – but that is because I have an old brick of a phone that I am sure would not understand that.

    In any event, in the interest of full disclosure you may want to mention that you have invested in 230 King E since you talk such a big game about it in the video.