The Mortgage Minute

…..or five minutes, if you will.

I’ve hired a new camera-man and this video is a little easier to follow than last week’s deliciously decadent pre-construction vid.

Here’s five minutes with one of the most knowledgable mortgage brokers in Canada; explaining the March 18th changes, talking about RRSP contributions, and providing his thoughts on current interest rates…


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  1. Carl says:


    As an avid Foodie and Realtor (depending on the time of day, in that order) I was terribly disappointed by the lack of food props.

    I dunno maybe you could have demonstrated the increase in the relative number of Kraft dinners a new home buyer would be able to buy as a result of saved interest on 30 year Amortz.

    I also think the combination of comedy, props and a simple straightforward message is a much better recipe for viewer interest than a fireside chat (with no disrespect to either of you or Joe). I do realize discussions centered around Mortgage info can be a little dull but therein lies the rub.

    Good work though.


  2. moonbeam! says:

    Coach’s Corner!! loved this 5-min. piece…
    Question for Joe — wondering about the spousal RRSP, why are they less common these days? (I have one from the ’90s)….