Photos Of The Week – Follow Up!

And all of a sudden, I have even more to share!

Be like my buddy Scott and say I’m “mailing it in” with a second photo-post in the same week, but some of these are gems!

I’m going to start with the high-end and move toward the worst stuff you’ve ever seen…

Below, we see a few catalogues left on the table of a condo I was at last week.

Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Mont Blanc, to name a few.

If you’re a seller, and you’re looking for leverage in a negotiation – feel free to leave a fine spread of catalogues for rich consumer-products on your coffee table!  It clearly sends the message, “I’m so rich that I don’t need to sell this condo, so you’d better send me the full asking price!”

Speaking of rich, check out the terrace below.

Specifically, check out the roof of the cabana on the left.  It has shingles!

I’ve seen very few HOUSES that have shingles that new, shiny, and well-installed, but never have I seen it on a cabana on somebody’s terrace!

Who shingles a cabana?

I’m hoping the techie’s can help me out with this next one.

As my client said, “Hey you’ve gotta come check out this serious James Bond stuff going on in the other room!”

What are these?  Servers?

At first, they looked like photo-boxes.  Mabye the owner is into scrapbooking!

But upon closer inspection, we could see that the owner of this house is into some serious web-hosting!

Or…..something else?

Techie’s – please speak up!

Great grill, right?

Must be on the rooftop terrace of a nice building, right?

Nope.  This grill belongs to one person, on the terrace of his massive $2.4 Million condo.

I am a LOVER of grilling, and this thing is my dream.  Except, it probably costs $15,000, and it takes up about 200 square feet…

Okay now we go from the bold and beautiful into the muddled middle.

One of the worst things a condo-owner can do is mirror the entire wall.

Here is a photo (kind of hard to envision the space) of a living/dining in a 700 square foot condo where the entire wall is mirrored!

What is the purpose of this?  Who wants to see their reflection 24/7?

Now, we get downright dirty.

I went to a house today that needed “A little TLC” according to the listing, and I immediately came home and showered.  Twice.

It was a disaster, but the best part is – somebody was living there!

The house is in a prime area, on a brand-name street, but some crazy hoarder with birds (not cats) lives in a house that should be condemned.

There were about 20 places in the house where the ceilings looked like this:

Yes, somebody was living there!  With like 40 crates of yarn!

Then all throughout the house, the walls had this odd look to them.

Was it water damage?  Fire damage?  Mold?  Rot?

What was it?

What do you call this:


It makes my skin crawl.

I’m a neat-freak, and I love Purell, so imagine me walking through this house.

I actually threw out the socks I was wearing, because, for some reason, I decided to take off my shoes.  God forbid – I get any dirt from the street into this house!  There was dirt everywhere – like actual piles of dirt and what looked like animal…..droppings…

I can’t even look at that photo.  It’s making me nauseous.

And somebody was actually living there!

Well, she’ll be a rich woman next week when the house gets fourteen offers, won’t she?


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  1. tlman46 says:

    Re: the $50 of “Nothing” . . . NinetySeven Group is a Hong Kong-based resto/bar operator (see, so those prices are HK$ not Canadian or US $. HK$50 is something like C$6.50, so maybe not too expensive . . . and there are drinks called “Nothing” (google Absolut Nothing, for example), so maybe this “Nothing” is actually something.

  2. Scott says:

    You’re all wrong about the computer devices:

  3. Jeremy says:

    Having a full height server cabinet in one’s home is pretty serious, although using an apple router to handle the networking really isn’t. I don’t recognize the other boxes, but they are not the typical size/shape for a server. My guess is that they’re NAS boxes (network enabled hard drive enclosures) and that this guy is just hosting copious amounts of data for himself (anime? porn?).

    1. Jeremy says:

      Whoops, didn’t see Matt Shorter’s reply above. Clearly he’s nailed it.

  4. Jim says:

    The servers – they are either servers or possibly a storage array (a bunch of separate sets of disk drives hooked up together – which is done to make disk access faster and more reliable). This person probably runs some sort IT company out of his home, or is possible into some sort of photography or digital video editing or production.

    This stuff is pretty common in any of those industries. They’ll save thousands a month by having that stuff in their home as opposed to renting space in hosting facility for it (maybe even upwards of 10k/month).

  5. Perfect Fit says:

    Mmmmm, I love the smell of mould remediation in the morning. Someone will be going cha-ching shortly, but somehow I think it will be the contractors instead of the owner.

    BTW, yes that is a rack server. Looks like a nicely air conditioned rack server. And I want it.

  6. Matt Shorter says:

    The mysterious boxes are Sonos amplifiers. You will have noticed that most (all?) of the rooms in this listing have built-in speakers. These boxes control those speakers (one box per room)

    1. Joe Q. says:

      Serious business. That’s about $5,000 worth of digital music equipment right there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    My wife says that the condo with mirrored wall is a dance studio!