Happy Canada Day!

I know many of you are taking the day off to head out of the city early, so forgive my lack of an 1,800 word post about real estate.

For those of you that are still at your desks and reading this – quick survey below, if you please…

On the first day of grade twelve english class, which was completely dedicated to Canadian authors and Canadian literature, my teacher posed the following question to the class: “What year or date immediately comes to mind when you think about significant moments in our country’s history?”

I seemed to be the only one genuinely interested in the topic of conversation (I mean, seriously, if you can believe it – I was a total nerd…), and I think I threw about five dates out off the top of my head.

Just for fun, if you feel like commenting – which of the following dates do you think of first, when you think of the country that you know and love?


America loves their “1776” and I’m sure many of us feel the same.

The birth year of our country is an incredibly important date, and shaped all of our futures.

Of course, many people confuse 1867 with 1967 – the last year the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup.  I guess you can’t blame them…..it sure feels like it’s been since 1867 that they last won…

The War of 1812

This date must be very fresh on our minds, since 2012 happens to be the bicentennial.

It’s also the only war that America has ever lost (remember – they didn’t lose Viet Nam, they withdrew…), and one which was won with the help of native indians (who of course we were willing to fight with, but whom we immediately forced off their own land and proceeded to screw for 200 years…).

Without winning this war, “Canada” as we know it would never exist, and we could be in North Virginia…

The Summit Series

Come on, don’t act surprised!

You knew that “1972” was coming!

I wasn’t born yet, but when I was younger, my uncles regaled me with stories of how they were ushered into the school gymnasium as teachers pulled out a decrepit television set with rabbit-ears so that the students could catch the conclusion of game-eight of the series.

Close your eyes and hear the radio voice you’ve heard so many times; “……and Henderson……has scored, for Canada….”

It still gives me chills.




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  1. Waqas Ali says:

    The Summit Series was happened first time in the history of canada. http://www.waqashomes.ca

  2. Chuck says:

    2007 – the birth of TorontoRealtyBlog.com


  3. Franky B says:

    I’ll admit, I thought of 1972 first, then 1867! I wish there was a hard-and-fast date about universal health care (1961-62-66ish), that might have swayed people as well.

    Have a good long weekend everyone! Long live this great country

  4. Joe Q. says:

    1867 is a biggie. But there’s also a case to be made for 1917 (Vimy Ridge) and 1939 (independent entry of Canada into WWII).

    1972 doesn’t really do it for me. It was an exciting time, to be sure, but I’m not sure what the lasting legacy of that hockey game really is.