Going To Idaho!

Well folks, it’s that time of year again – my annual bombardment of questions about potatoes

Laugh if you want, but I encourage you to read my blog while I’m away.  It’s going to be VERY different, and you just might find yourself with a new I-Pod, among other things…


It’s shaped a bit like Greece, but upside-down, and flipped.  Does anybody else see that?

For the last five years, every time I say, “I’m going to Idaho,” people respond with some cliché, thinking-inside-the-box statement about potatoes.

It used to bother me, but now I enjoy it.  Because every person that associates Idaho with Potatoes, will likely never share and/or spoil my secret little paradise…

But enough about that; I do the same rant every year.

Today I want to talk about the next two weeks of this blog!

Usually while I’m away, I blog from my front porch, on the road, or wherever I find myself.

But this year, I want a true vacation – absolutely ZERO (and my ‘zero’ I mean ‘very little’) work while I’m away!

So instead, I’m going to have my readers blog for me.

And since nobody works for free, I’m going to offer various “prizes,” if you will, starting with a brand-new I-Pod Nano on Monday.

If you have an opinion, and you know how to string four words together (and use spell-check) then you qualify.

I’ll post a video on Monday with a topic, and you’ll have two days to write a response!  If I post your response – BAM!  Free Ipod!

Have a great weekend everybody!

And as I exit, I’d like the B-52’s to sing my theme music…


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  1. jeff316 says:

    Southeastern Idaho, near the border with Wyoming and Montana is pretty much my favourite place in the US. It is awesome.

    1. @ Jeff316

      That’s very close to where we are!

      We’re in Victor – which is a 25 minute drive from Jackson, Wyoming. We’re right on the border.

      Tomorrow we drive up through Montana (staying in Butte), and eventually arrive in Couer D’Alene, Idaho for a couple days. I haven’t been there since I was about 15 years old…

      1. moonbeam! says:

        Make sure you visit a frontier ghost town in the American west!

  2. hoob says:

    Spend some time in the Sawtooth Range area, very nice and rugged country.

  3. Floom says:

    Idaho? Where I come from, we spell it IOWA.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Where are you from? Some place where people can’t spell?

  4. moonbeam! says:

    Love the B52s! I actually saw them in concert in Utah years ago!!
    Great idea for blog-guests, everyone is an expert, everyone has an opinion, hope to see if they can inform & entertain like DF!
    Have a great Idaho trip, travel is food for the soul, make some memories!!

  5. Are you going to the Sandpoint area? We have a place there, and it’s absolutely lovely! We’ve been going every summer for 6 years. 🙂