Sorry, Folks!

That computer theft really threw me for a loop!  Please give me the weekend to get back up and running.

HOWEVER, you have to see what the thief left on my car…

I figured maybe the cute puppy would make up for my lack of motivation, slash, lack of technological capability to post something meaningful on a Friday.

That computer theft really threw me for a loop.

Thank GOD I had backed up my entire hard drive only two days before the vandal smashed my window and stole my laptop.  I chalk that up to luck.

As soon as I saw that smashed window, and the missing laptop, there was only one thing I could do – get in the car and drive.

I sat down in a pile of broken glass, and started moving.

No time to dwell.  Move on with your life.

I got right on the phone and called my “computer guy” and left a message.  Something to the extent of, “Oren, it’s David.  That super-computer you built for me a month ago was just stolen.  Please build the exact same one, as soon as humanly possible, but even faster than that.  I’m good for it.”

I’m hoping to have it on Saturday.

What else could I do?  Pace up and down the sidewalk, biting my nails, crying, and looking around to see if the thief was watching?

Hey man – it hurt, bad!  But what could I do?

I drove to my brother’s house, Shop-Vacc’d the glass out of the front and back seat, and then went to present an offer on a house in Riverdale.  We lost by $119,000, after offering $103,000 over asking.  Yeah – really!

It took me about an hour to notice that the person who stole my laptop had left a note on my windshield:

Or maybe, just maybe – the theif did not leave this note!

I saw an episode of Law & Order a while back where a couple of kids robbed an apartment and tied up the owner, but then a third party/opportunist happened upon the apartment and the owner who was tied up, and subsequently murdered the owner.  The whole episode revolved around the idea that ONE person was responsible, but in the end, they threw us viewers for a loop.

Maybe somebody took issue with the fact that I was parked in an alleyway, and left a note, and then somebody else came by and smashed my car window and stole my laptop?

I dunno.  It doesn’t matter.

I would have left my laptop in my trunk, but the trunk was full to the brim with clothing for the Street Haven women’s shelter clothing drive.  How tragically ironic!  I don’t have the heart to tell my fiancée that all that clothing she collected was the reason I left my laptop in the backseat…

In any event, I’ll be back up and running on Saturday.  I’m working on an awful, miserable, 3-year-old (that’s old in laptop-years!) Dell Insprion that is brutally slow, and freezes every five minutes.  I had a great Friday Rant planned but it will have to wait until next week.

Sorry for the downer-Friday-blog, but I can’t stand typing on this damn keyboard, and believe it or not – blogging is therapeutic for me, and typing this gives me an outlet and a sense of closure.

Up next week: videos!

I have a lot up my sleeve.  Just watch…

Have a great weekend, everybody!


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  1. Joe Q. says:

    I highly recommend CrashPlan. The software itself is free, and automatically backs up your computer (or particular folders) to an external HD or another computer over the network, whenever they are accessible. Alternatively you can pay the company a fairly modest amount to back up to their servers. It has saved my bacon on a couple of occasions.

  2. deborah buchler says:

    Maybe my recent email to you bounced back because of your stolen laptop???!!! I highly recommend a mac. Please contact me – I think Maiyan wants to make an offer…..