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Now there’s simply zero excuse not to stage a home for sale…

Remember the first time you heard the term “Virtual Reality?”

It was probably back in the mid-1990’s, and it probably blew your mind.

My Dad would say things like, “Virtual reality is going to change the world.  Einstein believed in time travel; wormholes and black holes.  We could have a virtual universe!”

Although my Dad also once asked me, “How do you know that you’re alive, right here, right now?  How do you know that you’re not in somebody else’s dream, and that aaaaallll this doesn’t exist?”

Good question.

But let’s take a step back…

I just spent about $4,000 staging a house for sale in the west end, which I think is going to make a monumental difference in the way the property shows!  I believe in the value of staging, and I believe that a $4,000 staging job can get you an extra $40,000 for the house.

There is not a property out there that can’t benefit fromsomestaging, although when some Realtors bring properties onto MLS with “PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE,” maybe staging is the least of your worries…

But for those of us that actually, you know -do our joband make the house or condo show its best so we can get the most money for our sellers, we always have staging on the mind.

Staging can be costly, and the most costly properties are ones where you need EVERYTHING.  By that, I mean vacant properties.

I was in a vacant property this week, in the Beaches, where the owner is debating whether to lease it or sell it.

Leasing it would be easy.  Just put a sign on the lawn and forthathouse, you’ll have a dozen inquiries the first day.

Selling it would prove difficult, since it’s vacant, and many buyers have no imagination.  A vacant house doesn’t show well, and at the very least, you’d probably LOVE to have photos on MLS that show the house in a more positive light so you can bring buyers through the door.

ENTER: virtual staging.

Several companies do this, and I think for the situation I described above, it’s the perfect compromise!

My colleague in Milton, Chuck Charlton, sent me these photos of a house he had virtually staged.  Check it out:

189 Bronte Road South, Milton, ON
Chuck Charlton









Everything is to scale.

The rooms have all been measured, as has the virtual furniture, and it all fits.

I think virtual staging is going to become the new normal in real estate.

But whatever happened to virtual reality?  And the MOVIES!

Did you ever see eXistenZ in 1999?  A film by David Cronenberg?

Strange Days from 1995, by Kathryn Bigelow, who is now famous for Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty?

Johnny Nmemonic with Keanu Reeves?  Okay, that one was awful, and once you’ve starred in Point Break with Patrick Swayze, you’re already reached the pinnacle.

“Bodhi – the ride is over!  People are dead!”

Am I talking to myself here, or do you guys also think Point Break is the greatest movie ever made?

Alright, I’ll shut up.

Have a great weekend everybody!  Drive safe!


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  1. Jen says:

    To me.. seeing a property staged on MSL.. and then getting in my car to go look, and see an empty property would make me so angry… I don’t think I could see past the potential! I would feel cheated… and would never offer! It’s like looking at a profile picture on an dating site.. seeing Justin Trudeau and finding Brian Mulroney waiting…. not a happy outcome!

  2. Maggie K. says:

    It’s all right for the MLS but I don’t know that it can carry over in people’s minds to the actual viewing.

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  4. […] step: How about including the Ikea collection in virtual staging (via Spark 213). What better way to capture potential furniture sales than to show potential home […]

  5. […] step: How about including the Ikea collection in virtual staging (via Spark 213). What better way to capture potential furniture sales than to show potential home […]

  6. […] step: How about including the Ikea collection in virtual staging (via Spark 213). What better way to capture potential furniture sales than to show potential home […]

  7. Max Boyko says:

    Excellent post, thank you for the valuable content. We came across your posts by coming in contact with you on Google +. We look forward to more of your posts. Have a Great Day.

  8. Ryan says:

    Staging doesnt have to be deceptive or unethical. Organizing the property and removing small items makes it more realistic and less personal. If I were buying, I would definitely want the home staged.

  9. Ralph Cramdown says:

    Yes, I agree. Great idea, but you just know how it will end up. Obviously the originators thought about ethics, as they didn’t replace that light fixture — and it isn’t like they didn’t notice. Some people would undoubtedly fill the rooms with 3/4 size furniture and add lots of pot lights.

    But Strange Days! Starring Ralph “Don’t call me Ralph. Say it Raffi, like the guy who sings ‘Baby Beluga'” Fiennes? Pretty good movie, but absolutely amazing for its composition. Filmed in CinemaScope, whose frames are notoriously difficult to fill given that people are generally upright, but it’s done masterfully in this film.

    We’ll just agree to disagree regarding Point Break, David.

  10. IanC says:

    And you can create a virtual Dufuses talking on their phone to photo bomb the pictures to make it look totally realistic !

  11. lui says:

    I have a date with a virtual Eva Longoria but I guess you want to see photos of than would you?…I think virtual staging is great,you can choose the style you want maybe they can change the color palate of the walls or maybe design in a new kitchen…it would save the agent alot of work but make sure you bring in laptop to the actual home to show the clients how it can be like fully furnished.

    1. @ Lui

      Eva Longoria? That’s sooooooooo 2006!

      Olivia Munn! From Newsroom!

      Wait…I mean….”I don’t look at women ‘that way’ anymore…”

      1. Sylvain W. says:

        Sure you don’t David. Sure you don’t ;)-

  12. Jeff Norris says:

    Where I see some real value in this approach is the potential for multiple renderings. Once the technology matures, perhaps it will be possible to target a few different demographics and provide 3 or 4 different set ups. For example, one staging could show a 3rd bedroom as an office, while another shows it as a nursery. A partially finished basement could be rendered to show the potential of a home theatre setup. Or one staging could include more modern furniture and art while another more traditional. Exciting times we live in!

  13. Sylvain W. says:

    I can definitely see value in this. I see even more value if I was allowed to stage the place with my own virtual furniture that I had created. That way you could picture the space in an even more realistic way.