What Condo ISN’T Luxurious?

Is “Luxury” the most over-used word in the condominium industry?

You’d be hard pressed to find a word that’s lost it’s meaning like this one…


I’m in the middle of this video when a neighbourhood crack-head stops in the frame, and I naively say, “Oh no, it’s okay, go ahead.”  He then proceeds to swear and threaten me, and say “Ain’t nobody gonna take my picture!”

He likely put on a tin-foil hat shortly after this.

Off topic, but what’s with crazy people and their obsession with tin foil?

Did anybody see that Riverdale mansion with all the crazy-man stuff?  Tin foil: check.  Home-made bars on the windows: check.  About 300 home-made (and obviously not functioning…) alarm-systems on every window and door: check!!


“Luxury” is defined as: free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures in addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of well-being.

And having seen this definition, I think it’s blatant false advertising for most condo developments to be throwing this term around.

“Luxury” is the most over-used, worn-out, and exaggerated word in the pre-construction condo world, and I think it has officially lost all meaning.

I think it’s like referring to a piece of food as “tasty.”

ALL food has some sort of “taste,” so how is tasty a description?

Same with “tangy” or “zesty.”  These words have lost all meaning in the marketing and advertising of food.

I think that today’s condo developers would be better suited to use a more descriptive, more appropriate word.  How about “Convenient” Condo Living, followed by a campaign of all the conveniences the condo offers?

At the end of the day, it’s absolutely comical to describe some run-of-the-mill condo like Axiom as “luxurious.”

It’s like calling me a “male supermodel.”  Hey, I do okay, but that is a stretch.

Same goes for an average condo being called “luxurious.”

Been there, done that.

Can’t developers think of anything better?


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  1. Condos for sale in Halifax says:

    Awesome video, some condos are luxury and beautiful, but some not. For me luxury means good interior, nice location and air conditioning. Thanks David for the video. If you want to buy luxury condos just see this condos for sale in Halifax.

  2. Chris says:


    I enjoyed your video, and you make a strong point. It can be frustrating to see the word “luxury” used as promiscuously as it is. Although it is hard to define, its overuse diminishes the true meaning of the word, and seems to create a sense of doubt and normality in some potential buyers. However, we at Toronto Luxury Rentals like to think we know the difference. We invite you to simply check out any one of our beautiful listings on our website: http://www.torontoluxurycondos.com and let us know if you may be interested in a viewing. Please contact myself or Martin at 647-973-7368 if you’d like any more information whatsoever. Keep up the interesting and informative posts and hopefully we can talk soon.


  3. FridoBandido says:

    One word: Hip.

  4. E. Snowden says:

    How about the phrases “Circle of Legends” or “Lifetime Achievement” or “Chairman’s Club Winner”?

  5. AndrewB says:

    The word luxury is about at meaningless as sought after and in demand. The fact that a commodity like granite counters and expensive appliances are available in every new built condo means they are no longer difficult to attain hence luxury.

  6. AndrewB says:

    Your stigmatisation of those who are mentally ill is rather disheartening.

  7. Phil says:

    Compared to the average Mogadishu apartment, anything is luxury in Toronto.

  8. IanC says:


    99% of condos are luxury… but there are some that are not…

    “Luxury” is better suited to apartments – where apartments might not have the following three items (But if you live in an apartment that has all three – you are doing great )

    Air Conditioning
    En Suite Laundry.

    Many units at 33 Harbour Square do NOT have en suite laundry !!

    And don’t get me started about 40 Homewood !

  9. GinaTO says:

    So many “luxurious” condos in CityPlace… “Boutique” 30-storey buildings… “Sought-after” neighbourhoods that would best be described as “still somewhat gritty, but trying to be up-and-coming”… The list goes on…

  10. lui says:

    love the snag at Queen and Dufferin condo.Boy you don’t forget and forgive do you David.

  11. S. Whissell says:

    “Pile-oh-crap”. ha ha. Sign me up!

  12. moonbeam! says:

    David what do you know about Scarborough’s “Haven on the Bluffs” condos, (still in the pre-sale stage) on Kingston Rd? Marketed as luxury condos near Scarb. bluffs… which seems presumptuous to me… located across from a motorcycle shop and a tattoo parlour…not a ritzy location as I know it.