Are You On Drugs?


Tell me you are!  Please tell me that is why the following MLS listing appears as it does!

Thanks to blog-reader Paul for sending me this MLS listing, which I think is, quite possibly, the worst MLS listing I’ve ever seen in ten years of selling real estate…


Kudos to Justin Trudeau for standing up and saying that he’s smoked marijuana.

Raise your hand if you haven’t?

I’ve smoked weed; many times, in fact.  And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.  Would anybody believe that?  I haven’t smoked weed since February of 2005, but would you really believe me if I said I never smoked weed during four years of university?

What are the odds that 43-year-old politician, John Baird, has never smoked pot?  Same goes for other Canadian politicians, Jason Kenney, Michelle Rempel, Peter Mackay, and Alison Redford who all said in THIS article that they have never, ever, not once, ever, smoked pot.  Out of the five of them – how many do you think are lying?  Odds are – at least three of them, maybe four…

But enough about marijuana, let’s talk about drugs!

I think the concept of “the worst MLS listing I have ever seen” might be overblown, or perhaps the idea has lost all meaning, since I’ve definitely used this tag a few times.

MLS listings can be bad for many reasons, each one exposing the listing agent for incompetence, laziness, cheapness, or all of the above!

Spelling mistakes are inexcusable, but understandable.

Bad photos are cheap and lazy, but par for the course.

But what would you have to see on an MLS listing that could only be explained by, oh, I dunooo….say…..somebody being on drugs?

How about photo of the house, UPSIDE-DOWN?


Well, I guess if you had been out all night dropping ecstasy and watching another raver twirl glow-sticks in your face, you might think that ALL houses are upside down!

Otherwise, there’s simply no excuse for this.

And look at the DOM – days on market.  This house wasn’t listed with an upside-down photo and then immediately corrected – it’s been on the market for seven days!

Imagine hiring an agent to sell your home for $600K, and seeing that not only did they put the photo of the house upside-down, but they hadn’t checked or even SEEN the listing in a week?!?!

Wow, I think we’ve reached a new low!

But don’t fret – we’ll probably top that in a week…


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  1. Joe Kerouac says:

    Maybe the agent is just being super literal and his sellers are “upside down” with the amount owed versus actual market value. ; )

    Or, not that I would do this, but maybe the agent is just trying to stop a consumer in their tracks and make them spend that extra second or two on it instead of clicking to the next one. Look at all of us, we’re spending time on it. Nice post David!

  2. m says:

    I wonder what it means, that the house is 900 sq ft, but you could build a 4300 sq ft house. Does that mean that there are approved plans with permit for a 4300 sq ft house? Or, in theory, one could fit a 4300 sq ft house on the lot? Presumably it would extend beyond the footprint of the existing 900 sq ft house, since it would be unusual to have a 4+ story house. In which case, who cares that the basement has been professionally gutted. I’m so confused.

  3. Paully says:

    It says that it is owner-occupied. Do they have anti-gravity boots so that they can walk around on the ceiling or something?

  4. Mike Danton says:

    So. I am baked right now.

  5. Gotya2Look says:

    Internet is full of commentary re:1/2-2 seconds to get your attention. I say listing agent succeeded.

  6. Geoff says:

    I’ve never smoked drugs or a cigarette, and I’m 38 and had a good time in university (drinking, girls, etc). I’ve been offered it before but never took it and in retrospect am glad I didn’t. Just not something that appealed to me. And I play sports and the like, so not a (complete) social outcast – so it’s not fair to say that because many people do something that ALL people do it. It’s even entirely possible that none of the people above have smoked it.

    1. jeff316 says:

      I’ll admit it. It hurt my throat and made me feel really nervous. But of the three times I tried it, damn the pizza I had after that third time was the best pizza I have ever ever had.

    2. @ Geoff

      I’m not doubting that there are millions and millions of people who have never smoked pot.

      I just don’t know why every single politician has to act like they never have. Well, I guess I DO know why, but I find it sort of like Britney Spears telling the media when she was 18 that she was a virgin and thought all girls should wait until marriage. It was just what people wanted to hear, even though it wasn’t true, and so she said it. She was almost forced to. We basically force politicians to act like they’re better humans.

      Then again, our mayor smokes crack…

  7. Joe Q. says:

    What does “viewing home upon conditional offer” mean? You can only see the place once you’ve put in an offer?!?

    1. jeff316 says:

      Yeah, what happens if the offer is made conditional upon viewing? 🙂

      1. Joe Q. says:

        In that case a $618,000 feedback loop is created and the universe explodes.