Bow Chicka Wow Wow!

Aaaaand……if you have no idea what the title of this post refers to, then you may be too sensitive to read the following subject matter…

I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on Craigslist and Kijiji before, but when it comes to people looking for roommates, I had no clue what really goes on in some people’s heads.

Here are some of the most “interesting” advertisements for properties up for rent, lease, or…..ummmm……trade


Oh, what, that?

That’s a “wah wah pedal,” which gained prominence in 1970’s music, and in 1970’s movies…..of a specific genre……geared towards mature adults……..yeah….

Maybe I’m naive, or maybe I’m just growing old, but I had no idea that there’s a large percentage of home-owners who think that they can trade lodging……..wait for it……….for sex…

Some home-owners are more reserved than others, and some cut out all the fluff and get right to the point.

Here are some of the best ads I’ve seen lately:

1) Read Between The Lines?

Am I reading too much into this, or is this an invitation to get down with dude?

“Million dollar home” and “Posh” are used to describe the home of this “Attractive” “Professional.”

Is there any chance this guy is simply looking for somebody to play Grand Theft Auto 5 with?


2) “Sexy Female”

This one is pretty tame – just your standard guy looking for a “sexy female.”

That’s totally normal, and harmless.

What about “open mindedness” though?  And what kind of “evening activities” does he mean?


3) Austin Powers?

I think my own commentary would probably spoil this one, so just enjoy, and please read in full – don’t skim, or you’ll ruin it!


4) Only In America…

The first three were from Toronto, but I couldn’t resist showing you this one.

I can’t apply, a) because I’m not a man, and b) because I don’t have a “great ass” and “nice rack.”

But I’m just DYING to know how many “playful and flirty” women read this ad and immediately said, “I have to drop everything I’m doing and immediately reply to this posting!”

I mean, they’re awarding “MAJOR BONUS POINTS” for applicants who give great massages!

And they’re willing to go out of their way to install a stripper pole in the basement!

America, The Brave…


I hope this provided a chuckle for you on a rainy Friday afternoon.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. AndrewB says:

    Single moms in a case by case basis. Classy. Lol

  2. oren says:

    Awesome post David.
    Where’s Fridays?