Cap Rate vs. ROI

If you're one of the people that doesn't like my "financial" or "numbers" blogs, then this certainly won't be one for you! But this post has been a long time coming.  There's a massive discrepancy, and to be honest -...

Can A Condo’s Value Ever Drop To Zero?

I always like to compare the real estate market to the stock market, in many different contexts. We look at the amount of "shares" traded in real estate, the frequency, the acquisition/disposition costs, the "dividends" for investment properties, and of...

Managing Multiplex Money

Geez, that's like a Toronto Sun headline.  But who doesn't love alliteration! As I write this, I currently have three clients looking for high-dollar, income producing properties, and all three have different goals and objectives. How can you have different...

Asset Or Liability?

There's a big, big difference, and in fact, one is supposed to be the opposite of the other. But tell that to the people who owe condo developers tens of thousands of dollars... (more…)

Hotel-Condos As Investment Properties

My thoughts on the new "luxury" hotel-condos like Trump Towers, Shangri-La, and Four Seasons have been well documented. But what about more affordable units in the $250,000 price point that are viable investment options?  Let's explore... (more…)