Monday Morning Magic!

AKA, "Photos of the Week." And to think - these are just the photos that I feel comfortable posting on my blog!  Oh, if only this was completely anonymous... (more…)

Photos Of The Week!

This week features some staging "do's" and "dont's" as well as some very questionable features and finishes in townhouses... If you've read my blog more than once in your life, you've heard this staging rant before... (more…)

Photos Of The Week!

There were some pretty bizarre sights last week, ranging from the floors, to the roof, and to the television set that couldn't get up and walk away no matter how hard it tried! (more…)

Photos Of The Week!

"I spy, with my little eye, something that is..." How did that go, again?  Come to think of it - what was that show called?  Was it Polka Dot Door?  Bonus points if anybody can remember... (more…)

Phunny Photos!

Here's a collection of real estate photos I've accumulated over the past few weeks - many of them emailed to me by readers saying, "You must put this on your blog!" Well, here's my chance!  Except I really feel bad...

Photos Of The Week!

This is a great follow-up to the post from a few weeks back - if you can remember the content! A few of these photos should come with the tagline, "Just when I though the last photo showed that it...

Photos Of The Week

It occured to me that during the course of a single week, working in real estate, I see a lot of crazy things that the average Joe does not. I decided to snap off photos of anything that made me...